24 Hours

I was at the lake this weekend for 24 hours.  No TV.  No computer.  No internet. No shower, I didn't say it was all good, but I did manage to finish a few things.  I brought along some odd ball projects that wouldn't otherwise get done.

A sheep needle keeper.  I have one in my Etsy shop, have sold one, and given a couple away, so when I finished this one I decided to keep it for myself.
This little pin cushion works great for those tiny applique pins. I've given a couple of these away  but it's just what I need so I'm keeping this one for myself also.

I finished another case for my glasses. The last some was for my sunglasses, this one is for my real glasses.
Then lastly I finally got started on the May circle for the Welcome wall hanging.


More flowers

Here are some more pics of my garden just to tide you over until I get some stitching done.
These are hard for me to grow because they look like grass when the first come up and I pull a lot of them in the spring


A quick trip though my garden

I haven't been posting much on my blog lately, but just to show I'm not just eating bon bons and  sleeping all day I just thought I would take a quick trip thought my garden with my camera before I dash off to work.


A Great Day

Yesterday was my birthday and my children couldn't be with me, but they were with me in spirit and this sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  When arrived at our business it really brightened my day.
Then I arrived home to find a gift from my neighbor on the door step.
I have a little gnome garden and this is going to be the perfect addition.
And last but not least, the birthday present to myself had arrived, talk about perfect timing. It's no secret that I love shoes and I never buy just one pair at a time.  I usually buy two, but, well it is my birthday and all. Bonny Hunt was talking about OKA shoes on her show and offered a special of 20% off if you type in her code.  That was an offer I couldn't resist.

But I really wasn't planning on buying four pair,.I was just going to buy my usual two pair, but just couldn't decide so I ordered three pair.  Then I realized if I bought a fourth pair it was free shipping. Once again an offer I couldn't resist.

I bought this red pair to wear to work. Since I work with food I have to have my toes covered and  I have a hard time finding cute shoes, so these really fit the bill.

Even the bottoms are cute. They are the ShoesThatLoveYou and you can find them here.


Anita Renfroe | William Tell Momisms | Official Version

In honor of Mother's Day I had to post this.

Eye Glasses Case

I have been planning on making a case for my glasses for a long time now. Actually ever since I spent $600.00 for them and they tried to give me a plain black case. I asked if I could please have something with a little color and they handed me a big honkin' orange one.  Now orange is not my favorite color and I'm not a demanding person so I took it, but when I tried to put it my purse, it was so big it wouldn't fit.  That is when I decided to make my own.  That was two years ago. Yes, that's about how long it takes me to get things done.

Yes, I know I said I don't like orange, but when you put it with my favorite color, purple, I like it a lot more. This one I made a little big since I am going to use it for my sun glasses and they are on the bigger side.  Now I need to make another one and make it a little smaller for my regular glasses that are usually only worn for just for reading, so I do need a case for my purse.
They are so simple to make I don't know why I didn't get it finished sooner.  You don't need a pattern, just a pair of glasses so you can cut your wool felt to size. Then just add whatever you like to the front, button hole stitch around the edges and waalaa, your done.



Our 30's meeting is tomorrow night and I'm all set with a couple more blocks ready to go.  We only need to have one apron block done each month to stay in the game, but I would like to make all 36 blocks so I am trying to make at least one extra each month.