Love is

I finally started adding my sashing on my Love is ..... blocks. You can find the patterns over on Paula's blog at Quilt Happy, Quilt Often.
All the words will be bordered in blue/white.  I'm not sure what direction I'm going with the flower blocks.


Pot Pincher

I made this pot pincher for one of our employees that is leaving after four years. She worked for us for 2 of her high school years and 2 years of college and now she she leaving her part time convenience store job for a full time job. Since I was always shulping my handiwork back and forth to work, and I would show them what I was working on whether that wanted to see it or not, I thought it would be appropriate to make something for her.  And since she has to bake every time she works in our deli area I thought a pot holder would be approximate. I'm making another one and also giving her a M&M bobble head.
It was really fun to make and goes together very easily.


Mini Log Cabin

I bought this cute little metal holder thingy a long time ago with the idea that I would make mini seasonal quilts and change them every month.  Well, that just haven't happened, I've used it for a few odd ball things, but for the most part it just sits empty.  So today I decided it was time to change that.  I had the need to just sit and sew without having to think or concentrate on anything so I made this cute little log cabin quilt.  The log cabin is one of my favorite quilt blocks and I love this fabric I think because it looks very Little House on the Prairie to me.


Ewe's Something to Crow About

This project is from the book Cotton & Ewe. The pattern actually has a rooster on top of the sheep but I decided to change it to a crow. I'm going to hand stitch the blanket stitch around  the edges. It's a great book will all kinds of fun projects, it's not just sheep projects but they all work with wool. I like the book so much I had it spiral bound.


Pinkeeper and more

This is one of the latest creations for my etsy shop.

The theme for this one is Under The Sea. Most of the pin keeprs I make I don't embellish too much so they are very functional, this went I went and little crazy with.  I don't think I would actually use this one, I would just think of it as a piece of artwork and look at it.
This second little number, is not in my shop yet, but will be shortly.
This mini sewing kit is very functional and I have an orange one that I use all the time.


Apron blocks

This is the most recent apron block for our little 30's group I'm in.
Below you you see the finished block from the last post.
This is what it looks like when it has all the words.


A week already?

Has it been a week since my last post?  It seems like only yesterday. I have been busy making a few things for my etsy shop.  I've sold some things and want to try to keep it fresh.  This is a pin keep I made to replace the one that sold.  The other things are still in the works so you will have to stay tuned for that.

I'm also keeping on task with my Love Is..... series.  If you aren't familiar with it;  hop on over to Paula's blog at Quilt Happy Quilt Often and check it out. She has some great stuff over there so if you haven't been to her blog you are missing out if you like hand embroidery.

Opps, I just realized there is a crucial word missing in the last block. It should read  - It is not rude or self- serving.  I better go add that right now or bad things will happen, like me putting the quilt together and then noticing it still is done.


April Showers ...........

This is the circle of the month for April.