One more time

Well, my blogging friend Gina wanted to know if I would share where I got this pattern, and I certainly will.  The name of it is Hankie Quilt by Virginia May Patterns. I bought it at Rae Bon Quilt Shop in Fargo, North Dakota.
 While I'm at it I'll share a couple more things.  I added a narrow border before I put the outside border on.  And if I was going to make it again I would consider making it two pockets wide and three down as it is quite wide (about 30 inches) for hanging in a smaller space.  Or perhaps I would make it three by three for 9 pockets. I guess what I'm saying is to think about where you are going to hang it first, then make it accordingly.



Gina E. said...

Oh - thank you Cindy! I didn't expect such a quick response, and thank you also for your excellent advice on changing the pattern to accomodate the space you need to fill on your wall. I'll have to keep an eye out for that pattern now - or Google it to see where I can find it online.

Gina E. said...

Me again. Guess what? I found it on Quilters Warehouse, and ordered one immediately! Just love that Paypal..