Mini blocks

Our 30's group is working on a very adorable wall hanging using apron blocks. Our fearless leader Susan is demoing these and one of her guidelines is that we aren't allowed to just collect the patterns, so next time we meet we must have the blocks close to being done or we won't get the next set.
She is giving us the pattern in sets of three aprons but I only have two done as the third one is not cooperating with me.  They are only 5 1/2 inch blocks so they really don't take long to make.  I still need to add the embellishments but I will wait until I get more done and then let them speak to me.


Gina E. said...

Aw, you find the cutest things to make! Last year I spent about $30 on a BOM kit with little aprons and haven't even started it. I knew I shouldn't have bought it; I should have just started off small with little one off things like this!

Kathy said...