Redwork Love Is .......

Paula over at Quilt Happy, Quilt Often is offering this wonderful block of the month. Each month two new blocks will be offered.  They are 4.5 inch squares and are so much fun to stitch. I decided  after all the rework on my snowmen I would do mine a little different and make mine in blue.
These are the first three and there are 24 blocks in all.


One more time

Well, my blogging friend Gina wanted to know if I would share where I got this pattern, and I certainly will.  The name of it is Hankie Quilt by Virginia May Patterns. I bought it at Rae Bon Quilt Shop in Fargo, North Dakota.
 While I'm at it I'll share a couple more things.  I added a narrow border before I put the outside border on.  And if I was going to make it again I would consider making it two pockets wide and three down as it is quite wide (about 30 inches) for hanging in a smaller space.  Or perhaps I would make it three by three for 9 pockets. I guess what I'm saying is to think about where you are going to hang it first, then make it accordingly.



Hankie Wall Hanging

I have a soft spot in my heart for hankies so when I saw this pattern I just had to buy it.
It looks a little funky because I hung it over a light switch for for picture taking purposes so when it's hung permanent it will be on a rod and I will fiddle around with the hankies a little.
I took my favorite hankies, most of them are from family and friends and are near and dear to my heart.

This one I purchased myself at a near by antique shop, I usually don't buy much at antique shops but this little hankie really spoke to me. This is one of those shops where there is so much junk some of the isles you have to clutch your purse, hold your breath, walk though sideways and hope you don't sneeze for fear thinks will come tumbling down. So when I came across this I thought it must be fate and I had to have it.

I also added some buttons that are near and dear to my heart.


House blocks

This is one of the projects that I started working on with my friends Jeanette and Kathy. I think the plan was to have them all finished by the time they come back from AZ and TX.  They are very quick and easy so I am moving right along on mine.


Happy Valentines Day

I accidentally came across this great combination of flavors, so I thought I would whip up this quick and easy snack and give them to my neighbor and employees for Valentines Day.

For the first batch you start out with a bag of Old Dutch Puffcorn and just dump into a large bowl.  Then melt a bag of white chocolate chips then I added a dash of vanilla after the chips were melted  but that could be omitted and it still turns out great. Pour the melted chocolate over the top and stir until it is well coated.  Spread the popcorn mixture out on parchment paper and let cool. For the second batch I just used the recipe on the back of the Puffcorn package which is just a basic caramel corn recipe. When you combine the two is a party for your palette.

The bag toppers and paper bags were a find I picked up Michael's from our trip to Fargo last weekend.

Mini blocks

Our 30's group is working on a very adorable wall hanging using apron blocks. Our fearless leader Susan is demoing these and one of her guidelines is that we aren't allowed to just collect the patterns, so next time we meet we must have the blocks close to being done or we won't get the next set.
She is giving us the pattern in sets of three aprons but I only have two done as the third one is not cooperating with me.  They are only 5 1/2 inch blocks so they really don't take long to make.  I still need to add the embellishments but I will wait until I get more done and then let them speak to me.

Pin Keepers

My Etsy shop has been a little neglected so I thought I would make a couple of new things to add.  These are so much fun to make and I really like using them also, since they hold about 75 pins and the pins don't fall out in the bottom of your bag, if you are like me and always toting things around.
The one on the left is done with machine stitched decorative stitches and the one on the right is done with hand crazy quilt stitches.


January Circle of the Month

I'm not really working in any particular order with these bad boys. I just finished this one for January and the reason is ........ because I miss placed the scarf and mittens and refused to cut out more since I knew they would turn up somewhere as soon as I replaced them. They turned out to be exactly where I thought they would be, buried in one of my tote bags.  Now I am ready to start on the March one.


This is the last time..... really it is

I know I said you wouldn't be seeing any more pictures of the red work wall hanging but I forgot to add a crucial element.  We went to Fargo this week end and I woke up at 5:30 in my hotel room and remembered I had totally forgot to add the cute little snow flake buttons.
I'm just glad I remembered to add them before they got lost forever in my sewing room. Yes, that could easily happen.

Just thought I would add this one just for fun.


Welcome February

I finally got around to taking a picture of this months circle of the month welcome wall hanging. It was supposed to have our own name and address, but that just seemed weird to me so I changed it up a little.