The joys of a puppy

I know it hard to believe this cute little face could be such a trouble maker.

She jumped up on a table and took down a wall handing that was waiting to get hung up in my foyer. She evidently didn't like this particular snowman as she tore the face right off.

Luckily it was needle felted on and was a fairly easy repair, but she is back on probation and the gates went back up blocking off the dining/living room.

I swear it was the cat, not me. 


Robbie said...

Too funny...well, for us to read as a blog post that is! i'm sure she was just letting you know how much she liked the piece! Or she was just lonely!! Or just creative and trying to rearrange to her artistic side! let's think the latter!

Michele said...

But she has such a sweet face. I'm sure she was very sorry.

Gina E. said...

I would have put her in the Naughty Corner for 24 hours!

Betty said...

Oh naughty, naughty!!! I would be so sad. She sure has grown.