I just had a calling to do somthing quick and easy and get something finished so I whipped up these little partially eaten gingerbread men.  You can find the tutorial here.I changed mine a little bit.  I'm sending mine in the mail so I didn't stuff them, I used timtex,  a very heavy stabilizer for the inside. I didn't have enough tan felt to make two of them and the closest store to get any is 20 miles away so for the smaller one I coffee dyed some off white felt.   I still didn't think it was dark enough so I sprayed it with a little disstress spray. They turned out pretty cute so I may just have to get some more felt and make a couple more.


Marsha said...

Hi Cindy, after seeing your photo on Kathy's blog with Jeanette, I just realized who you were :) Next summer I'll have to have the 3 of you out to the garden to catch up...sort of a west central blogger retreat!

Marsha J

Gina E. said...

Oh Cindy, they are so cute! I also found that pattern, and have printed off the instructions, hoping to make some one day.