Continuing the Lefsa Tradition

Lefsa has been a long standing tradition in my family and I remember my mother and aunt making it when I was a child. So after begging for a lefsa griddle for Christmas a few years ago, I thought I should continue the tradition. I convinced my sister she should be a part of this wonderful tradition and she honored to be asked. (At least in my mind) We had fun doing it for a couple of years and one year she even brought a Krum kaka iron and really went crazy. The last couple years it hasn't worked out with her and now with her being in Kurdistan it's not even an option so I have had to continue the tradition with out her. One year I tried to make it myself and it was just too difficult and no fun at all so what's the point in that? So the next year I tried to co-horst my lefsa loving husband into helping. Well, he wasn't as attentive as I thought he should be, and he thought he could make up his own rules so I had to let him go before things got ugly.

This year I found a new partner. One that knows her way around a kitchen and took her job every seriously. Our daughter, Michele, turns out she a natural when it comes to making lefsa. Perhaps it that Norwegian from both sides of the family.

The lefsa gets rolled nice and thin.
Then baked on a hot griddle and is gets laid to rest.

Lefsa resting.

Lucy resting.

Warm lefsa with butter, cinnamon and sugar, yummy, it  just doesn't get any better.


Judy S. said...

Hmmmm....I need to get you together with my sister in Cambridge! She makes lefsa too. But then, it sounds like your daughter is a natural!

quiltcrazygal said...

Yummy:) What a fun tradition to have with your family. I also love the picture of Lucy resting. Happy Holidays! Jenna Louise