Road Trip

Yesterday was road trip day with my two friends Kathy and Jeanette. There will be not pictures with this post as there was an little "incident" while I was gone.  My cat and dog were in punishing me for leaving town.  My cat knocked my thingy that is used to upload my pictures off my desk and my puppy chewed the cord to pieces.
Anyway we had a super wonderful time on the road time.  We laughed way too much, and yes it is possible to laugh too much, as least when you are driving.  We stopped at two great quilt shops in New Ulm, then headed to Manako where there are two more wonderful quilt shops. By then it was 4:00, we had done our part to help the economy and I think they were ready to go home, but NO, I was the driver and had custody of them and no one goes home until I say so. There was one more stop that I felt we must make, but was there time to get there? We had to try, so after a phone call to see if they would stay open for us, they said they would,  once again we where on road.  Our next stop would be The Old Alley Quilt Shop in Sherburn.  This is a wonderful place, not only is the shop great, but the owners are the best. If you are ever driving across southern Minestoa on I 90 be sure to stop in, you won't be sorry.  It ended up be a long but very fun day.

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