Once again it was time for the monthly meeting with my friends Kathy and Jeanette.  This time we had decided to work on a sewing caddy that goes over the arm of a chair.  They both had bought kits for the project from our last road trip, and I some how neglected to get one.  I was going to, then I must have been distracted by a shiny object or something and didn't realize until mush later that I didn't buy one.. After a lot of fiddling around, they realized their kits didn't have enough fabric so after a call to the quilt shop, the shop owner is sending more fabric and the problem was resolved.

Kathy and Jeanette are hard at work.

It wasn't all hard work and concentration.

This is the progress that we made.

Jeanette served a wonderful apple crisp with cinnimon ice cream.

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