One more row done

I finished another row for the row quilt that our locals quilt guild is doing. I went off on my own a little. The first block we were supposed to make 3 12 inch blocks but I wasn't happy with my row of shoo fly blocks, so I made 6 double monkey wrench blocks and changed it up so the shoe fly is every other block. The rows will be separated by a 2 inch spacer row, but I think I will sew these two rows together and that can be my 12 inch block.This is the original shoo fly row. Can you see why I don't like it?

Then I really got crackin' and made the presidents block for our out-going president. When the president of our guild full fills her duties for the year, we have the option of making her a block with the quilt block pattern and colors of her choice. Kim's choice was a variation long cabin, any homespun or flannel with a black center.

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venus said...

Thanks for the links to such great "helps" blogs. I like to see what's new also and I just love to find someone showing how something is done!

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