Fun with Friends

I took a road trip with friends, Jeanette and Kathy yesterday. Kathy beat me to the post, so you can hop over to her blog and read about the trip here. Then hop back and see pictures of good times, good food and some of my purchases,
The first stop was at Bay Window Quilts in Perham where we all found a few things we just couldn't live without. Then we headed across the street and though the alley to a wonderful little coffee shop/cafe for a fantastic lunch.

My plate is the one without the soup, I skipped the soup but there is a piece of chocolate dessert on the other side of my plate.

It was there I gave them their little gifts and made them model their 'bikinis', I mean applique pin cushions made with bobbin bikinis.
On the way home we stopped at the Cafe Bella for a scrumptious Italian dinner.

It rained off and on all day but we got to enjoy a picture perfect rainbow.

This is just a sample of a few of my purchases. I also bought a little fabric for some future projects that will be showing up later on my blog.


Bonnie said...

What a fun day! It looks like you found some wonderful projects. Can't wait to see them.

Judy S. said...

Those pin cushions are really cute, Cindy! Looks like you had a very nice day.

venus said...

Congrats, I love the new layout, the use of tags is great . NICE!
Thanks for the links to such great "helps" blogs.
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