A Sew on the Go Project

I brought this fun kit called Cool Coasters or Marvelous Mug Mats at the quilt show in Duluth from a vendor called Woolylady. The really cool thing about it is that all the wool was precut and everything you need, including the needle was inside the kit. The only thing I did differently was use different colored pearl cotton to buttonhole around the designs. I started with the thread they provided and it just didn't look jazzy enough, so I set that thread aside and used it for attaching the top and bottom together. Luckily I just happened to have some different colored pearl cotton along with me so I started working on them on the way home. I don't really need coasters so I may put them on another piece of wool and frame them or make a pillow.

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Bonnie said...

Great idea to make them into something else. That will look cool.