More fun with friends

On Saturday the Minnesota Quilters held their monthly guild meeting, with the theme being "Hard Times" quilts featuring quilts from the 30's. Kathy, Jeanette and I, being new members, and having a great interest in this program, headed to Minneapolis to the meeting.
We arrived a little early, so we had to have a bite to eat. You can't go to these things on an empty stomach. Kathy had spotted a cute little coffee shop called the Cupcake where we found fabulous pastries and coffee.
We headed to the meeting and found everyone to be very warm and fuzzy, in spite of us causing trouble at the door, with one of us trying to get in with her Farm Bureau card and one of us not bringing her membership card at all.

These we just a few of the miraculous quilts on display.

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Kathy said...

Thanks, Cindy, I laughed so hard about the Farm Bureau card that it almost brought me to tears, again!