Pincushion Swap

I joined a pincushion swap and this is the pincushion that went out to my partner. I can't say who is getting it 'cause that is top secret info until she gets it, but I can say, it is going overseas.

These are the goodies I received in the mail from Dawn in Canada.
This is a Strawberry Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich pincushion. How cool is that!


susan said...

how cute is that???
what a clever idea

Erin@1N3sew said...

hi, Cindy!
it's me Erin!
thank God, I have received the parcel! lovely & unique pincushion!

i blog about it here --> http://1n3sew.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-pincushion-has-arrived-safely.html