Pin Cushion Class

I went to the Minnesota Quilt Show in Duluth a took a wonderful pincushion class taught by Cindy Thury Smith.
These are the two that I completed in class, an apple and a round dimpled donut. We also made a basic folded fabric square pillow pincushion that I could have finished, but I want to jazz it up a bit with something, I'm not sure what. The other one we made is radial pincushion and that one I'm going to finish off with beads.

Our wonderful teacher, Cindy standing in front of her pincushions.

Here are the pincushions she brought to show us.

This one is way too stinkin' cute. Now I'm gong to have to start looking at miniatures and find me a little bed. For the little quilt, she used her quilt design program and printed it off onto fabric.

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Ira said...

Beautiful Pincushions. And lovely small bed.
Thfnk for letting me know that you received my puzzle piece. It was great swap