Tote Bag

I went to a couple of quilt shops on Saturday with my daughter and in one of them they had to cutest bags made with these stickin' cute grommets. They also had patterns with kits but it was for a small purse that would have been way to small for me. So I said my famous words, 'that looks easy enough, I don't need a pattern'. Besides that fact that I already have way too many bags and purse patterns and home, I couldn't justify buying another one. When I went to pay for the grommets the owner told me there were enough grommets for two bags so my daughter decided, or was it me, anyway, someone decided she should have a bag too. So off to the next quilt shop we went to buy fabric. ( Being a business owner, I like to spread my business around) This was the bag I made for myself and considering, I didn't have a pattern and just winged it as I went along, it went together amazingly fast. Now I'm off to make another one.

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