Pieces of Friendship

Pat Winter is doing a pieces of friendship swap on her blog. We start with a puzzle piece template and embellish any way we chose. This is my first experimental puzzle piece. I started mine before she gave a little tutorial so I did learn a few things the hard way. First I learned not to attach the front to the middle pellon before embellishing. One reason being, it's very difficult to sew through and almost impossible to get a beading needle through and I don't even want to think about the trouble I had with the silk ribbon. Secondly, when you go to sew the back on, all the lumps and bumps, especially the silk ribbon all show through. The other thing I learned was that the fancy dancy stitches on the machine don't really do justice when I comes to finishing the edges. With all the curves and turns I just don't like the look. I started a second piece and I'm all ready liking that better. You can find more great puzzle pieces here.


Kathy said...

Your puzzle piece looks great Cindy, you only have three more to go.

Pat Winter said...

It's beautiful! I must add it to the blog! Great job!

Kathy said...

Just saw your puzzle piece on the Pieces of Friendship website. Very nice!

Sharon said...

I like your puzzle pc. I am struggling with mine. Finishing the edges.... How many are we suppost to make. I forgot? Sharon