Beyond My Expectations

This are some drawers that I rescued from an old sewing machine cabinet that my sister was getting rid of. The cabinet itself was not very nice looking and very rickety so I put it on my front porch and I didn't dare put anything on it that I didn't want on the ground It had several coats of paint in different shades of white and off white paint. But I absolutely fell in love with all the detail on the drawers so I pulled them out of the cabinet and put them in the corner of my bedroom with the idea of someday doing something with them. I was thinking perhaps hanging them on the wall for shelves or something, I didn't know what for sure, I just knew I loved them. Then one day while moving them to dust and vacuum, I had a revolution, have someone build a little cabinet so I could use them for drawers. So I asked my friend Susan (whom I believed to have a husband that was a miracle worker when it comes to wood) if her husband would be interested in building a little cabinet for me. She said he would love to and after getting the drawers he was wondering if I was planning on stripping the paint and staining them. I told her I was not the least bit interested in doing that sort of thing, she then said he could do it if I wanted him to. Will I jumped at the chance, let him do his magic and this is what I got back.

This is the side view. My original plan was just to leave them off white and paint the cabinet off white and I would just have kind of a shabby chic thing going. Boy am I glad I didn't do that!

I lined the drawers with brown Prestofelt. I can hardly wait to to fill them with beads, laces, hankies and doilies. Opening the drawers will be like opening a treasure chest.

I wish I would have taken a before picture of the drawers and had I known how wonderful they were going to turn out I would have. But I do have a picture of the rickety old cabinet.


Sabii Wabii said...

Oh my...keep him around. what a miracle worker! they are beautiful.

Gina E. said...

Oh Cindy, if only there were more men in the world today who could do that kind of work. They are few and far between here, and would charge like wounded bulls to do that kind of work! It is really stunning, and I envy you having something to keep all your lacy bits and pieces in.