Little Black Tin

The plan was to give this as a Christmas gift, but it fell by the wayside and didn't get finished in time. It's made from an an Altoid mint tin. I collect tins and have covered them before, but nothing this elaborate. I thought I should finish it and can have it ready for when I need to give a gift. I joined a Altoid tin swap, so I'm considering it a practice run.

The bottom inside is lined with felt and the top inside has a magnet glued in place.

Here are a couple of pictures of a portion of my tin collection.

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quiltcrazygal said...

Hi Cindy! Your postcards are so awesome! I wish I was trading in your group. I have been ill with the flu for over a week, it really got me down. I'm slowly coming back and ready to sew again. Your work is great and you always keep so busy, good for you. Jenna Louise