Doll Dresses Swap

In two of the small quilting groups I'm in, we are doing a doll dress block swap. We are using a pattern found here for a guideline, but then everyone is doing their own take and drawing up their own pattern. I did one dress using the needle turn method and the other one I did using a machine button hole stitch.

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quiltcrazygal said...

Wow Cindy, I'm out for a few days and look at you:) I just love these doll dress blocks, so cute. The needle felted cards a awesome and the 30's blocks rock:) I just love the 30's fabric. I have a project all lined up for next year. I found blocks at a garage sale awhile ago, original 30's fabric. I took them apart because the solid fabrics were yellowed, and purchased a new solid to put with them. It is a fan pattern and I'm really excited to dive in. I have a number of things to accomplish this year, so I have this on the 2010 calendar. Always a pleasure to visit your blog. Jenna