Little Black Tin

The plan was to give this as a Christmas gift, but it fell by the wayside and didn't get finished in time. It's made from an an Altoid mint tin. I collect tins and have covered them before, but nothing this elaborate. I thought I should finish it and can have it ready for when I need to give a gift. I joined a Altoid tin swap, so I'm considering it a practice run.

The bottom inside is lined with felt and the top inside has a magnet glued in place.

Here are a couple of pictures of a portion of my tin collection.


Journey of the Ark

This is my latest project. I love working on it and it's such a great take along project. I don't need any equipment, beads or lace, I only need the piece of fabric I'm working on and one color embroidery thread. There are a total of nine blocks, I put them on osnaburg fabric and am using brown embroidery thread.


Final group of postcards

I ran across these quilt blocks that I made from a demo from my quilt guild about 100 years ago. I though it was such a fun idea I would use those for my inspiration for my last set of fabric postcards for the Art2Mail group. They are sewn onto computer paper and I thinking perhaps the reason I quite making them could be because I realized it may not be an easy task taking all the paper off the back.

These are the postcards. I like the way they turned out and they are different from the ones I've been receiving.

I took it to the next level and combined both the quilt blocks and postcards and made these for my cat loving friends. I also added some inches that I had sitting around.


More Fabric postcards

Here are two more post cards for the Art2Mail group. And yes, the end is near.


A girl can't have too many accessories

I needed to take a short break from making postcards so this is what I did. It only took about 15 minutes. I know it looks like it is too small for her but I make it that way for a very good reason. She has so much hair and gets so hot in the summer, I thought if it was smaller it would be cooler for her when it starts to get warm.


Crazy quilt post cards and more

Here are a few more postcards for the Art2Mail swap I'm doing. I'm sure it would have been much easier and quicker to do them all the same, but that's just not how I roll. I find that if I do more than two of the same thing, I get bored, lose interest and don' t enjoy finishing the projects.


Doll Dresses Swap

In two of the small quilting groups I'm in, we are doing a doll dress block swap. We are using a pattern found here for a guideline, but then everyone is doing their own take and drawing up their own pattern. I did one dress using the needle turn method and the other one I did using a machine button hole stitch.


Needle felted Postcards

These are more postcards for the Art2Mail swap I'm doing. I needle felted these, then added hand stitching, fabric beads and inchies that I had laying around.


30's Blocks

I belong to a small 30's group and every month someone brings a block pattern and demos a traditional 30's style block. Then we are suppose to make the block and bring it back the next month for show and tell.
It's hard for me to do just one block at a time, especially when it comes to piecing, so I usually put them off for a couple of months, then suddenly out of the blue I play catch up and make them all. These are my catch up blocks.


Crazy Quilt Postcard

This postcard is going out in the mail as a thank you card for the wonderful bracelet the I won from Pat Winter Gatherings blog.


Valentine Postcards

These cards are not really anything spectacular, I just wanted to use up things I have laying around. They are going out to my children and niece.


This really isn't my thing

This is what I spend my morning doing. Yes, it took me all morning. I don't know why it took me so long, when I started it seems like something that would be very quick to do, but it certainly was not for me.


Look what the mail brought today

I won this fabulous bracelet from a giveaway on Pat Winter's blog. If you haven't been to her blog you really need to hop over there right now, because you are really missing out on something spectacular.