I've Been Tagged

Jenna Louise tagged me. She has a great blog so please go and check it out.
Here are the rules to play the game:

1. When you are tagged you are asked to list eight random facts about yourself and post them on your blog for visitors to enjoy. This is gonna be fun!

2. Tag eight of your blogging friends and leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to join in the fun if they have the opportunity. (If not, that's okay. They can still enjoy the random facts everyone shares:) Be sure to list a link to your eight friends in your posting.

1. I have a fear of snakes so massive that even if I see a picture of a snake it may give me nightmares. When I see one in my yard I can't walk across my grass for days.
2. I love potatoes. I eat some form of them everyday, usually mashed or baked.
3. I have always been a dog lover and still am, even though when I was nine I was mauled by a German Shepard and nearly died.
4. An Alaskan cruise is just one of my many dream vacations.
5. I collect cookbooks, old sewing paraphernalia and thimbles.
6. I love to bake.
7. When I was born my parents owned a dairy farm. I can milk a cow by hand, bale hay and butcher a chicken. Not that I enjoy doing any of those things, but I could if my life depended on it.
8. Crowds make me nervous and I'm very uncomfortable in a room with more than 10 people.
Wow, that was much harder than I thought it was going to be. And since I don't think I even have eight friends that read my blog, I'm just going to tag everyone that is reading this. You can just go ahead and play this game on your blog.


Wool slipppers

I'm on a roll with my wool sweaters so I had to make some wool slippers to wear on long car trips, since not only does the heater not work on my side, it blows cold air directly on my feet. So I'm hoping this does the trick until we can get the problem fixed. Once again I took it one step further and lined them with polar fleece.


I made these mittens for my daughter who walks from her college dorm to work in sometimes -20 wind chills. The pattern is from the book Warm Fuzzies by Betz White. They are made with an old felted sweater, then for added warmth, I lined them with polar fleece. I offered to jazz them up a little with some felted flowers or buttons or something, but she was less than enthusiastic about that, so I left well enough alone, since I really want her to use them.


Dotee from Sydney

I joined a Christmas Dotee doll swap on Stitchin' Fingers and this is the wonderful doll that arrived from Christine in Sydney, Australia. I send an angel to my person and I was hoping to receive an angel in return.


Another Christmas gift

I made this reversible apron for my sister for Christmas. I liked it so much I decided to make one for myself so I wouldn't be tempted to keep hers.


Pin Keepers

I did a little demo for a couple of friends on making pin keepers out of cd's. Two of them made pin keepers for me. The one on the left was made by Jeanette and she used wide mouth canning lids. The one on the right was made by Bonnie and I'm not sure what she used but it a little smaller that a cd.

This one was made by me to show them you don't have to use cd's if you don't have any. It was made using wide mouth jar lids.


Funky meets Glamorous

Last night we had our Crazy Quilt Christmas Meeting and we each had to bring a pin cushion. We played the number stealing game and I was lucky enough to draw number one, so I had the pick of stealing anyone's pin cushion. Since I had been given a funky chicken the night before and I had brought him for show and tell, he was sitting next to me clucking "I need a friend" so I just had to steal the very gorgeous glamorous crazy quilted pin cushion. Opposites attract so they are getting along very well.

This tea pot is the pin cushion that I made and brought for the exchange.


Pin Keeper

This was my original gift for our thirties gift exchange, then changed my mind , so this is going to a friend.

Chicken and More

Our thirties group met tonight and we had our Christmas gift exchange. I received this great funky chicken and a Christmas topiary from Rose.

This is the table topper I made for Kim.