Pin Cushion - Before and After

I've been playing around with old CD's and this is a pin cushion I made using two of them.

Well, before I had a chance to post a picture it had a horrible fate. I left town last night for a few hours and came home to find this. My dog somehow got it off the kitchen counter and this is what is left. My husband stopped her from totally destroying it, but she could have just as well, because I just don't see how it can be salvaged. I used wool for the inside and she has this obsession with wool, whether it's a sweater, coat or yarn. I think she would even attack a live sheep.


30's Blocks

I belong to a small 30's group and each month one person brings a block and pattern and we have the option of making that block using our own color choice. Well I fell a little behind and needed to catch up. So here are my catch up blocks.


Pin Keeper #2

This is the front side.
This is the back side.

This is the second pin keeper for the swap I'm doing. Now they can both go out in the mail tomorrow.


Pin Keeper

This is side one with a under the sea theme.

This is side two, with a flowers in my garden theme.

This Pin Keeper is for a swap I'm in. This is the first of two that I'm making.


Fruit Ladies

These are the two I worked on. It was hard to decide, I wanted to work on all of them but I have to save room for others.
The apple/ pear lady is wearing a shower cap so I covered it with french knots and put a charm pear on her butt. On the seam treatment I did the herringbone stitch and had to do one of my favorite stitches, the oyster stitch.
This one I added red rick rack, straight stitches and beads. the bunch of bananas was just screaming at me to put that on, so I listened and did what I was told. Then I also added my all time favorite - the feather stitch.

These are all four of her blocks.
This project is a round robin with our small group of local crazy quilters. These are Bonnie's blocks and they were so much fun to work on.


Bunny Rabbit

This is my project for the round robin I did with the Crazy Quilt International group I'm in. It made it rounds to five different people and each person added anything they wanted with the only stipulation being pastel colors and nothing big a gaudy. I think it turned out really cool and now I just have to add a face. If I would have been thinking I would have requested that it come back to me with a face on it. Thank you to Peggy, Karen, Gerry, Diane and Debbie what an outstanding job you did.


This pair started a family

This little pear was made from the same pattern as these. I just reduced the pattern, divided each section into three and added some crazy quilt stitches. Now I have a pin cushion.


It's Your Bag - I can sleep again

Well, this bag is finally finished after giving me nightmares and sleepless nights. I don't know why, but for some reason, I had a horrible fear of putting this together once the stitching and embellishing was done. I kept putting it off in fear, and having a reoccurring dream that it just wasn't going to work out. Friday I decided I was going to stop procrastinating and just do it. I found my heart racing, my hands trembling and even ended up with a stomach ache, as I was working on it. I had a sinking feeling that I was going to screw something up and all Susan's fabric and embellishments were going to be wasted. I perservired, finished it and I think it turned out just fine. All that woring was for nothing.


Spread Your Wings and Fly

These two postcards are going out in the mail today to my niece and daughter who are both in college. I put fusible web and fabric on the backs of the butterflies and just attached them in the middle with beads so they are 3-D.


And The Winner is ......

The first response giveaway goes to Bonnie for her very speedy comment to my blog. I'm also sending her a little bonus just because. The winner of the drawing goes to Kathy. I didn't have my puppy draw this time 'cause the chances of her doing that again are probably pretty slim.


It's your bag challange

This is a purse I'm working on for a "It's your bag challenge" . I received a bag of fabric and embellishments from someone and the challenge is to make any sort of a bag out of it. I did add a few things of my own, but the idea is to use their stuff. I love the colors, so that made it easy to work on. It's almost done and now I just have to figure out how to put it together. I was even dreaming about it last night and it went together perfect in my dream. As I woke I was thinking 'oh this will be easy' well, now that I'm awake and have a clear head, I'm not so sure about that.


100th Post Giveaway

The first picture didn't really do justice to the cream one, so I took another picture.

Wow, it's my 100th post already so I thought I would have a giveaway or two just for fun. I will be giving away two hardanger ornaments. One will go to the first person that leaves a comment, that person will get to choose which one they want. Then everyone else that leaves a comment will get their name thrown into a hat for the drawing.


Peggy's block

Close up of the work I did.

This is the last block for the round robin I'm doing in the crazy quilt international group. Everyone in the group has kept on schedule or ahead of the game, which has made the time fly by and has been so much fun.


Dotee Family

Someone suggested to me that I post a picture of all my Dotee's, so here are all of them that I've made and not traded yet.