Two more postcard finished

These two postcards have been floating around my sewing room, waiting ever so patiently to be finished. Now they are done and will go out in the mail Tuesday. One is for a private swap and the other is for a birthday swap. On the butterfly one, I used fusible web and put fabric on the back. The only thing holding them on are the beads sewn down the middle so the wings are lose and three d.


Kathy's Pumpkin

The left side was done by Susan and I worked on the one to the right, with the butterfly and the huge spider.
This is a close of of the bullion frog.

This is Kathy's project for the round robin for a small group of crazy quilters that I'm in.She sewed all the seams together except for one. It has 8 sides and there are 9 of us, so if we each work on a section, all she will have to do is the finishing touches. I just love it and can hardly wait to see what it going to look like when it's done. I stuffed it with a little fiberfill just to take a picture


Summer Pears

These are Summer Pears by Crabapple-HillStudio. I don't really have a plan for them, they were just fun to do.


Dotee Doll

Here is another Dotee Doll finished and ready for swapping.



I'll confess. I have a purse obsession. I thought it was getting a little out of hand, so I put myself on a five purse limit. I got rid of most of my purses and only kept my five favorites. Then I told myself if I bought a new purse I had to get rid of one of my favorites because I can only have five at any given time. That worked for a long time until I found a glich in my system. Now when I am having purse buying withdrawal, I make one.

This one I just finished it was really fun to make, and went together fairly quick and easy.

This one I made last year and it took an outrageous amount of fabric and was way more labor intense than I had anticipated.


A Long Time in the Making

This is how it looks without anything in it.

Close up of top half.
Close up of bottom half.

I started this project about a year ago. I just kept losing interest in it, then I started getting tired of moving it around in my sewing room so I decided it was time to just get it done. When it started it was just going to be for fabric postcards, then as it evolved I decided to make it for postcards and fabric ATC's. Now that's it done, I'm really happy with it. It's hanging in my foyer, so when guests come they will be able to touch them, feel them, and take them out. I will also be able to easily switch them out for different ones, so I'll never get tired of it.


And the winner is ......

I'm trying to teach my puppy to be helpful and with a little persuasion she did it.
She took a name out, then took off with the whole darn hat.
Drum roll please! Ta Da!

Karen you are the lucky winner. Send me your address and I'll drop your goodies in the mail. I guess this is Pay it Forward and Back.

We love ya away!

Yes, Maggie does have a little attitude.

Well she didn't exactly pass to the next level. But she did get a certificate and she wore her cap more proudly than any other dog in class.


Pay It Forward

This is what I'm giving away for the Pay It Forward give away. It includes a vintage hankie, a doily, a fabric post card made with a vintage hankie and a mystery item. All you need to do is respond to this post and I'll toss your name in a hat for the drawing.

Lucky Winner

I was recently the lucky recipient of a Pay It Forward. I received this wonderful pieced crazy quilt block and some lovely fabric.You can check out her blog, Karen South's Crazy Quilting World here.

Fabric Post Card and ATC

I received this post card and artist trading card from Susan Lenz, Fiber and Mixed Media Artist. You can learn all about this great Cyber Fyber Exhibition here.


Dotee Doll

This is my most recent addition to my collection of Dotee's. My friend Kathy and I did a private swap she received my Dorie and this is the one she gave to me. I don't think she named her so I'll call her Autumn.


Auction Finds

I fell in love with this one and has a couple of stains on it, maybe that's why I got it for 12.50. It's hand quilted and I think it's about a twin size.

This one I had to have because of all the work that went into the hand stitching. I paid the most for it. $17.50This one is hand quilted also, I had had to buy it because it was so cheap. $11.00

I should have been home helping my husband clean up the yard but there was an auction calling me ( the first one this year) and boy am I glad I went. I bought these three quilts, along with a car load of other stuff. Of course it isn't all good stuff, it was one of those that had one box of good stuff and they threw in two boxes of junk. There are hankies, aprons, lots of hand work items, crochet, embroidery, and I'm not even sure what else. Now I'm off to go thought my great (and not so great) finds piece by piece.

The storm

These are pictures of our back yard after the storm that came through. We lost a few trees and a lot of branches, had some damage to our siding and a lot of shingles are going to need to be replaced. But all and all everyone in town was very lucky.