Hulga, Hilda & Dorie

These three needed a little beauty makeover. Hulga and Hilda were just a little too ghostly looking so I used a little coffee on their faces and Dorie needed some hair and a little nose. Dorie has been adopted, so she is ready for her new home.


Dorie Dotee

Another Dotee doll. These are so fun to make and a little addicting.

Hilda Hugehead

I'm still practicing for the Dotee doll swap. It turns out Hulga has a twin sister named Hilda. I still don't quite have the head thing down yet.


Artist Trading Cards

These are just some Artist Trading Cards that I needed to make for a swap.


Hulga Hugehead

I joined a Dotee doll swap and thought I should do a practice run since I really am not comfortable with faces. I see I need a little work on getting the right body/head proportion.


Seeing Stars

This pattern is called Seeing Stars by Pieces from my Heart. I bought the pattern and kit sometime last year and it has been one of the quickest and easiest wall hangings I have ever done.


Crazy quilt ATC's

These crazy quilt artist trading cards are for a swap for one of the groups that I'm in. They turned out to be much more labor intense than I thought they would be.


Make a joyful noise

I finished this projects about eight weeks late, but better late than never.


Round Robin

This is the second block that I received to work on for the round robin I'm in.
This is the work that I did.
This is a close up of the oyster stitch and cast on stitch.


I finished something today

My daughter wanted a bulletin board type thing for her dorm room and having two children in college I'm trying to be frugal. So I went to my basement and dug out an old tri-fold poster board thing that had been used for a science fair project. I split it on the folds and covered it with some left over batting, fabric and ribbon. It not Martha Stewart standards but it's done and the price was right.This is a close up of the ribbons.


New Thread

I brought this yummy rayon thread at Nordic Needle in Fargo. I don't really love working with it yet, I think I just need to practice ( that's why I had to buy more) but I absolutely love the look of it. Then some night when there is something good on TV I will sit and put them into these handy dandy holders that I bought at Nordic Needle last year.


Two crazy white cats

Our small group of crazy quilters will be doing a round robin and I decided to make a white cat to send around. Well, I messed up and didn't reverse one and I ended up with two fronts and no back. So I made two backs and now have two cats. One will be sent around and the other I am going to use as a practice cat for new stitches and old stitches that I need to master.