Under the sea

This postcard I did for a swap with one of my yahoo groups.


Biker Chick

This was a pattern and kit I bought at Dawn's Quilt Shop in Alexandria, MN. It's called Biker Chick and this could be me. We do a lot of biking and I actually did hit some gravel and ended up on the ground, I imagine I did look similar to this.


Fabric postcard

Here is a postcard I sent to my friend Bonnie. She loves cats and orange, hope she likes it.


Fabric postcard

This one use so much fun to make, I may just have to enjoy it for awhile before I send it off to someone.


Twisted Log Cabin

This quilt was so fun to make I would love to make one for each season. It can be made with a jelly roll or 2 1/2 inch strips. The original pattern is 37 x 48 and I thought that was too big for a wall hanging and too small for a throw/cover up so I made mine bigger and had to get more fabric. Now all I need to do is figure out how I am going to quilt it.


Fabric Postcards

Here are three more postcards that went out this week.


It's a Jungle Out There

Well, I have been starting way too many new projects so today I decided to dig out one of my many 'started I don't know when and never finished projects'. This one is supposed to be hanging in my monkey themed bathroom, but I got it this far and now I just don't know what else it needs other than the obvious face on the monkey. I bought some jungle type beads and some walnut shell embellishments. I am really stuck so it is laying out on my dining room table to see if I can get inspired. He looks quite freakish without a face doesn't he?

It's your bag challenge

Our small group of crazy quilters had a it's your bag challenge, where we each put together a bag of our own fabric, beads, fibers, buttons, ect. Numbers went on each bag then we drew a number and that was the bag we went home with. The person's bag that I got strongly suggested that she would like a pumpkin, so that is what I did.

I strongly hinted to my person that I would love a hussif and this is what I received.
This is the inside when it is open.

This is the outside and the bottom picture is what it looks like closed.


Fabric Postcard

Here is the postcard I received from my friend Anna that was for our swap in our small group of crazy quilters.


Fabric Postcard

Our small crazy quilt group is doing a post card swap. We drew names and my person loves sheep so I decided to run with that idea. On the back it doesn't show up well in the picture, but it says 'count you blessing instead of sheep'


Crazy Quilt Bunny

This bunny is going to be for a round robin that I am doing with the crazy quilt international group. This wasn't my original plan,but after reading over the rules that stated the blocks don't have to be square, I got a brainstorm idea to go with a rabbit. It will be traveling around with five people working on it before it is returned to me.


Inchies +

I came home with this fabric for no other reason other than I liked it. After about a day it started screaming at me to make inchies with it. I couldn't take the screaming any longer, so I broke down and made a few. I didn't embellish them at all since I liked them just the way they are and they turned out a little larger than an inch since I didn't want to chop off any of their body parts.


Fabric postcard

Here is another fabric postcard that I made just for fun. Now I just need to find someone that really likes purple to send it to.

Fabric postcards

These two postcards are the ones that I posted a couple of days ago that were naked and needed to be finished. The stitches on the seams were done by machine and the rest of embellishments were done by hand. The bottom one is all machine sewn and was pretty quick to make. Now they are finished and ready to send.


Blanket thru the Year

Another blanket finished for the ol' sheep.


Crazy quilting Blocks

I joined the International Crazy Quilting group and I decided to jump in and join a round robin. These are the blocks that will be going around to be embellished.

Wool Felt Project

This one has taken me awhile to finish, in fact so long I can't remember if this was from a pattern or book or who the designer is. So if anyone knows anything about it please let me know. I made it using wool felt that I hand dyed.