Folded Flower Pillow

I took a class at Quilts on Broadway in Foley, MN on making folded flowers. I decided to make mine scrappy with all different fabrics and made it into a pillow. Since I love beads I had to add a lot of beads to mine. I think it would be fun to another one and make it into a heart for a table topper.


Crazy quilted hearts

I I got hooked on crazy quiting a couple of years ago. It has turned into a passion of mine, so I have posted a couple of pictures of things that I have done for myself just for fun. Most of my work has gone off to others, some have been just quilt blocks others have been finished projects.

My new mittens

A friend gave me a pattern for mittens to experiment and play around with so that is exactly what I did. It was -10 degrees outside so I thought it would be the perfect day for making wool mittens. I dug out an old wool sweater that I had inadvertently shrunk and some fleece that I had bought for something else (don't remember what that was for). They are supposed to be buttoned holed together with wool yarn, which I didn't have. So I went digging and found some yarn but it switched colors every few yards. It went from blue to tan to green to burgundy. The green was the perfect color so I started buttonholing around one mitten, then in my quirky ways of doing things I started with the second glove before the first was done. About 3/4 of the way around the second glove, I realized I wasn't going to have enough green yarn, I ended up tearing out what I had done in the first mitten and had just enough to finish one mitten. So I had to do the second mitten in a different color. These were my experimental pair but I'm going to use them anyway. And as my husband point out, I won't have them for long as I have quite a reputation for losing gloves and mittens.


What's left?

I chose to name my blog what's left because I have so many unfinished projects and my goal is to finish as many as I can in my life time. So as I finish a project, my intention is to post a picture and make myself accountable and perhaps finish some projects before I start more.