Have I gone too far?

After have too much fun cutting out the flowers for the brooches, it got me wondering what else I could do with the aluminum cans that have been accumulating.

And so I started cutting .....
and cutting .....

And more cutting.
Now I'm sure I have you wondering, what in the world is she going to do with those and that a very good  question.
Toh Doh!

Are these not the weirdest, funkiest cards you have ever seen?


Flower Pins and Repurposing

I've been having so much fun making these cute little brooches out of aluminum cans.

I start out with my dies and an aluminum can.

This one is a special request that someone wanted red, white and blue with a clip on the back.

I run it through my big shot and out comes the cut flower.

This particular die from Fun Stampers Journey is retired but they can be made with other flowers dies as well.

E6000 glue is crucial, I can't craft without it. All glue is not created equal, trust me.

The one on the right I call Big Bertha.  I used all four flowers dies, I thought it might be a touch to large for most people so I made most of them using the three smallest dies.

Some of the brooches have clips and some have pins.
I have found that older people like the clips as it's much easier to get on and off than a pin.

Here are a couple I made with another die.


I've been playing around with the new Pan Pastels and oh boy are they ever fun.

 Now if I was artistic these would look super, but since I'm not, I think they turned out fine, good enough to give out to my customers.  The pictures really don't do justice.


The last of my table scraps

This concludes my table scraps session.  Now I can move on to some sun new stuff.  Yahhh



Ah yes, the dreaded leftovers or what I like to call table scraps.  It's everything leftover from one of my classes or just a day of crafting. Well, this time I had an excessive amount and rather than scoop them up and shove them in a tote I decided to just deal with them head on.
First of all, let me just say some of the cards worked out better than others.

And just in case I left you wanting to see more, no worries, my table is cleaned off yet.