Kathy and Jeanette

Last week I invited two of my friends over for a day of paper fun. I invited them to use any and all of my stuff. Well, needless to say Kathy didn't use anything of mine and I used a couple of her dies and cut out trees and deer for Jeanette and myself.

Jeanette made a few cards with a couple of my stamps.

 And Kathy made some adorable Keurig cup holders.

Michele came home for a wedding this weekend and we made some pop up cards.
The color on my camera is kind of messed up so I'll take some better pictures once I get it figured out.


And the winner is ............

The one and only person that reads my blog regularly Kathy.   She was the only entry so she is going to get all the fabulous prizes. I hand picked all the prizes just for her and since she is an avid card maker I chose mostly paper products and card making supplies.
She is receiving these lonely mini note cards.
And a little box to keep them in.

Bakers Twine.

A Caribou Coffee note book.
 A Caribou Coffee mini journal.
Along with a Caribou Coffee gift card.
And lastly the ever popular Work of Art stamp set from Stampin' Up. Thanks Kathy for being my #1 (and apparently only) fan.


More Cards

I've had some fun dies sitting around and just got around to making some cards with them.
I may have gotten a little carried away with the pink flowers on this one.
 I just love this one with all the cute little animals.
This one I made for my niece. She raises sheep and sent me some wool roving so I thought it was fitting that I send her a couple of sheep cards.


Celebration and fabulous prizes

Well no, there are no fabulous prizes I just wanted to get your attention.  However, I am celebrating my 500th sale in my Etsy shop and I will be giving away prizes.  To be eligible all you need to do is hop on over to my shop then come on back and leave a comment.


Farmers Market

I'm taking my 'goods' on the road and will be at the local farmers market every Saturday though the summer.

I managed to take a couple of quick pictures before the rain started.

Here is a close of the cute little note books.
 Don't toss out those cute little gift cards after you've use them, just save them for me!

I also have journals made with old game boards.
Make sure to stop on our if your are in the neighborhood -Willmar YMCA parking lot every Saturday from 7 -12.  I'll be adding more fun items every week.