Settling in

Well I'm finally back. We have moved in to our new place and here are a few pictures to prove it.
My kitchen that includes two very old trays that were in the cabin.  Our neighbor said that my mother in law used them all the time for serving drinks.  I also have my moms well-used mixer from the 40's.

This is one of our guest rooms. It's the summer themed room.

 This one is the winter themed guest room.

And behind this door is where the magic happens.
 I never said I had everything put away, I just said I was settling in.  I have a policy that once I take something out of the box I can't put it back, so if I don't know where to put it sometimes it just ends up in a pile on the floor,
Yep, there are a few more piles of treasures.
Stay tuned as I am going to try to get back to my 'Tune in Tuesday again',



Well, I finally got a couple more cards made.

Since I only have a minimal amount of supplies unpacked I kept them simple and went with black and white.  The striped paper is from Fun Stampers Journey and is wrapping paper. I cut it at a diagonal for a little more dramatic effect.
The stamps are from Unity Stamps, a local company out of little ol' New London, MN.


Fancy Fold Card

Here is a fancy fold card I made just for fun.

Once I get all the kinks out of it, I think I will be making it for the next class.


non traditional sympathy cards

I needed a couple of sympathy cards so I went a little different route.
This one a for my cousins husband whom I really don't know so went with a masculine type.

The second one is for someone who loved to bake and found great happiness being in the kitchen.


No Cards Yet

I had the best of intentions of getting settled into our rental, getting all my crafting possessions set up in the basement, then I would get back in business with my Fun Stampers Journey card making again. Well, that's just not going to happen.  The basement is cold, dark, dreary and eeary so I have to force myself to go down there every time I sell something from my Etsy shop.  Needless to say, most of my card making supplies are still packed away. But I have not been totally unproductive, I have been crocheting in my spare time.
My model is such a good sport.  She did get a treat after this humiliation. I still need to make a flower or something to jazz it up a little.
This scarf isn't finished yet but is turning out pretty good considering I made up the pattern.