Here is what I did on Saturday.
I made a huge mess.
Then I started organizing.  Stampin' Up had a lot of dies that coordinate with there stamps sets and sometimes I just buy the stamp sets, sometimes I just buy the dies and sometimes I buy both. Often times when I'm creating one of my masterpiece's, I am using more than on set which leads to confusion when it comes to putting my dies away.  So I took an old catalog and cut out the pic of all my die sets.
I then taped them to the back of the storage envelopes.  Now I can see at a glance what belongs where. 
I also sorted out all my stamps and have only the current ones out.
Then went one step farther and put them in alphabetical order.


Stampin Up Event

Well this time around was a bust. I had no one signed up for Saturday so I spend the day organizing, there will be a later post on that. Today was going to be the second event and the Minnesota weather got in the way of that, so once again here I am alone, putting the time to good use. A post for another day.
Here are the pics of the projects we were to make.
This is from the Waterfront Stamp Set and is one of my favorites.
These cards are made with the Petal Passion Memories & More Card Pack.   It's one of those things that gets totally overlooked in the catalog.  (Page  24, in the Occasions Catalog) People think of it as more for scrapbooking but it is a fabulous deal if you want to make a lot of nice cards for not a lot of money.  You get 72 double sided cards plus  2 sticker sheets, 2 accent sheets and 2 acetate sheet overlays for only $10.00. I used one of the stickers for the Happy Birthday Card.

How stinkin' cute is this tag?  It's only 3 inches high. This set comes with a stamp set and matching dies.  It's my second favorite from the occasions catalog and is going to be more fun than a barrow of monkeys.

And these little purses, are they not adorable? These were not my idea and came from Paper Pixie.

 I had to buy some Lindor chocolates for the occasion, since the purses are just big enough to hold one.
They snap shut with a tiny magnet.

This card is made with the note card set from page 195 in the Annual Catalog. and the Flourishing Phrases page 24. The set comes with 20 note cards and envelops.  The cards are 5 x 3 1/2 which is the perfect size for when you want to send a card and don't have much to say.



My sister gave me some gorgeous paper that she brought back from Astana.  It a beautiful print on both sides and I have been hoarding it until now.  I found the perfect project to showcase both sides.

They are adorable snowflakes.  I had 5 of them hanging from my chandelier, but let my sister and niece choose one to take home with them.
And the wonderful thing about these is that they fold up flat and since they both live in a far-away-land, it will be easy to take with them.


Sheep Cards

Here are more sheep cards I made for my niece. She is the one that raises them from babies, sheers them, spins the yarn into wool and hand dyes it.  I had made cards for her before and now she needed 12 more.
 Then of course I can't just take the easy way and make them all the same, I don't think any two are the same.
I have a vaulted blue ceiling in my craft room and it makes everything a funky color.


Snowflake Garland

I had a friend come over and we spent the day crafting. I was going to work on Christmas cards and she started out thinking she was going to make tags but that all quickly changed when she saw a small table that I had set up for my Etsy show snowflakes. I had gotten some major orders so I had piles of them in assorted shapes and sizes. Before I knew what was happening she had a brainstorm idea and was dipping into the snowflakes while I was cutting gingerbread men.
This is what we came up with.

Here are the two that I made. The one on the bottom is coffee dyed and is going to need a little starch when I take it down.  I used little tine pins to hold it, that way when it comes down you can't see any evidence of anything hanging there.