Craft Fair

I've been gearing up for my last craft sale of the year and deciding what to make and bring.  I'm leaving my cards at home since there will be others there selling them.
 Floppy disk note book, gift cards mini note books, Monopoly game piece note books.
 More tags and I still can't figure out my camera randomly turn things sideways.
 Frozen hair clips and snowflakes.
Journals made from game boards.


Money Grows on Trees

This Halloween I decided not to give out candy.  Since we live on the edge of town and don't get many trick or treaters,  I decided I really don't want any extra candy laying around so this year I'm giving out cash.
I cut orange paper 3 x 3, then got out my envelope punch board and punched and scored at 1 1/2 inches. I then placed three quarters inside, folded it and used pearl cotton to tie it.  I had leftover stickers from Paper Pumpkin so I used those to decorate them.

I went out and cut some branches off one of my shrubs, put them in a fruit jar and proceeded to hang the little packets of money on the tree.  I didn't anticipate the money being so heavy so it really didn't work out as well as planned, as the braches aren't really strong enough but I did manage to get a few of them hung.


Cricut Club

Saturday I got together with some friends that formed a cricut  club so we can learn and use our cricut cutting systems more. Each month two people design cards and bring the supplies needed to make the cards. I still don't use mine (it's just so much easier to grab a Stampin' Up punch) but they keep me in the group anyway. And I'm so glad they do because we always make super cute cards.


Paper Pumpkin

Stampin' Up has a program where you can sign up to get a monthly box of fun paper projects to put together.  Sine I am a demonstrator I thought I better subscribe (at least for a while) to find out what it all about. This month is was all about Halloween, now I usually don't really get into Halloween that much, but I really didn't want boxes of unused projects sitting around so I'm going to try to keep up with making the projects.

These are the little burlap treat bags that came in the kit, along with the little stickers, paper, Halloween stamp set, orange ink and sequence.  I'm not a fan of sequence in any way shape or form, but since it came in the kit, it was either use it or toss it, so I used it.


Tune in Tuesday

Last night I had the honor of being the guest at a local homemakers group.  I was invited once before and they decided I should come back again.  Last time I did Easter projects and this time they wanted Halloween/fall projects.
They are such a fun group and many of them seem to pride themselves on not being crafty so I started out with a tiny little file folder candy holder.
These are so much fun to make with the envelope punch board I can't stop making them.  I've made them in so many sizes I can't even count. This size is 4 x 2 5/8 inches and scored at 1 3/4 and again at 2 inches. The top is punched at the top at about 3/4 inch.

Next we made a mason jar card. I've made a few of these in different sizes as well.

Then we moved on to decorating small boxes.

 We saved the best for last and made a little luminary.
We stamped on vellum and put a little tea light inside. The measurements for this are - black cardstock 10 3/8 inches x 4 1/4 inches. Score along the bottom at 1 1/4 inches and for the sides score at 2 1/2 inches (4 times).  The vellum is cut at 2 5/8 x 2. The windows were punched with the decorative label punch. I used glue dots in the corners of the vellum to attach them to the card stock then used red score tape to put it together.