Origami Sour Cream Packet

I made these adorable little origami sour cream packets at my Stampin' Up event and I had request for the directions. 

I got the idea from The Paper Pixie and can't possibly begin to write in words how to make, so here is a link to her video. Sour Cream Packet Paper Pixie style.
If you haven't been to her blog, and you like paper crafting, you must hop over there immediately as her creativity is incredible.  You can find it here.
Here are  couple of my practice pouches.
Did I mention they are the perfect size for a Lindor chocolate?


Stampin' Up Event

I had small but mighty groups for my two events.  It was a Christmas theme so the treats had to coincide.
On this plate we have gingerdoodles.  Half ginger cookies and half snickerdoodle. They weren't such a hit but that's okay because everyone in my family loves them so that leaves more for us. The stars are a German cookie a brought at Aldi's. They are a spiced ginger cookie.
On this tray we have Butterfinger Fudge, it's made with candy corn and has a unique spongy texture.
In the middle we have a mint cream cheese cookie and lastly we have lefsa which is nothing less that yummy and good, need I say more?  Yes I do, if you don't like lefsa, I'm sorry we can't be friends.
And now onto the projects.

The first project is a sour cream packet origami project, more on that tomorrow. The card is just a simple simon card that goes together in minutes.
 I love this card.
These little crates are so much fun, I can't stop making them.

This is the final project.


What was I thinking?

I'm trying to gear up for my next Stampin' Up event and I am also doing a card buffet.  I always have wonderful brainstorm ideas at 2 am. Then when I am awake and thinking clearly, I realize I can't get them executed wonder what was I thinking.  I guess I wasn't really thinking.
Here are a few things I have lying around waiting to be made into something fabulous.

 I'm thinking the mittens are somehow going to end up on the gift card holder.

I was thinking this might end up being a hot chocolate holder.


Wood Crate Framelit

I love the Stampin' Up Wood Crate Framlit Die.  It makes the most adorable little crates.
I've made some using designer paper and they turned out super cute as well, but gave them away without taking pics. For this one I used cardstock and stamped it with the wood grain stamp.

Then of course I had to take it one step further and make a cute little bench.  For this I cut off the top 'piece of wood' on the front of the crate.  For the crate you need to run the die through the cutter twice.  For the bench you need to run it though three times.  I just cut off the sides of the third piece and attached it to the back of the bench.
And then just to add to the fun factor, it opens to hide little treats.


Stampin' Up Cards

Here are the cards we made using products from the seasonal catalog.

Aren't the fabulous?  There is any that I don't love.  She is having another event in March and I can hook you up if anyone is interested.