I haven't sold any cards since my last post so I'm still on a sabbatical from making cards. Other than getting all my ducks in a row for the Farmers Market, I did take time to get my paper fix to cover this cute little tin.

It's a Altoid tin, I've covered them before so this is nothing new, and I use them to store all kinds of little tidbits. You can see more tins here and here and here.
And then there are the other tins.  I had about 50 tins I tried to sell at my garage sale for 25 cents each. I made three into bird houses just to show people what they could do with them, thinking that would help boost sales. I didn't sell any of the tins however my neighbor bought two of the finished product. So I dropped most of the left over tins off at a donation place, then my neighbor came over and convinced me that if made more up they would sell at the Famers Market. So I took a few of the tins I had left and this is what they look like.
I didn't sell any at the market but will try again in a couple of weeks when I go back.


Paper from Japan

Look what I received in the mail today. It's paper that my niece bought for me in Japan. I can hardly wait to do something fun with it.


And the winners are ........

The only two people that entered, Jeanette and Chari. I'll be getting in touch with both of you.  But that still leaves me with too many cards so I'm banning myself from making anymore until I sell some.  This is the cute little box I made for Chari's cards.  It's made with pages from one of her favorite childhood books. It was actually our book but Chari had the same one, I'm sure Chari would be horrified if she thought I was tearing apart and cutting up her beloved book, but my kids didn't even remember it so it's going to good use.
And don't worry Chari I will fill it with more cards, I just need to go through and pick out some 'younger cards' as I'm pretty sure you don't need a lot of sympathy and get well soon cards.
This is what Jeanette is getting.
Isn't it cute?  It's made from Stampin' Up and called Wide Stamp Cases they come in full and half sizes (page 176 in the new catalog)  They have a clear plastic sheet on the out side so it's perfect for decorating with the double sided designer paper. The paper is Bohemian Designer Series paper and I just love it. The handle is from a place where they sell used building supplies and I just painted it to match the paper.
The inside of the box.
An assortment of cards, and yes Jeanette, I will be including envelopes, I just didn't think it was necessary for them to take up space in the picture.



More cards

I know what you are thinking, Cindy, you already have too many cards what in the world are you thinking? Well, when my sister was visiting and looking through my cards we noticed two things .....

1 - I didn't have any kids cards. I remembered after I hand cut the kitty that I have a die cut that will cut it out for me. Yicks, sometimes I'm so scattered that I scare myself.
2 - I didn't have any donut cards. She mentioned that her daughter loves donuts (and who doesn't) so I thought it might be cute to make a card in the shape of a donut with a little bite out of it.

A couple of days ago I posted a pic of a card I made to showcase some fun things I have in my Etsy shop. Here is the original
I felt like it needed a little jazzing up.
So I added a tiny butterfly in the corner and buttons in the center of the wheels.

Etsy Shop

My poor little Etsy Shop wasn't been doing every well so I'm adding a few die cuts to the mix to see if I can get a few more sales.
A made this card to showcase what can be done with the balloons and bikes.
Here are a couple of new items. They are all cut from nice heavy Stampin' Up cardstock and Stampin' Up designer paper.
Great for cards or tables for any sort of party.  I also have them in all black for over the hill parties.
Perfect on tables at a baby shower
Cardstock buttons
I thought I would try a super fun assortment which would be great for scrapbooking as well as card making.