Calligraphy Set

 Here are a few cards from the Stampin' Up Calligraphy Set.
Just in case you want a better look at those two feet from the first pic.

It came with everything you need to make a set of 12 cards, but of course I couldn't make any two the same so I had to add extra embellishments and change them up some.
I also used the new triple punch for some of the corners.


Impossible card

I needed a 60th anniversary card so I made this cute card. It's called an impossible card, clearly not because it is impossible to make but because it is impossible to figure out how it is made with one 4.25 x 5.5 sheet of cardstock. They are really fun to make but every time consuming, at least for me, but then I am a little slow. They fold perfectly flat, then when you take them out of the envelope, they pop up like magic.

Then as long as I had the dies for numbers 6 and 0 taken out, I decided to make a birthday card for my cousin.

And as long as I had the measurements fresh in my mind, I went ahead and made two more birthday cards.
And then, just for good measure and to have one on hand, I went ahead and made one more.  This one I left generic so if I need a specific occasion, I all covered.


Retirement Cards

I have hundreds of cards and did I have a retirement card when I needed one? Of course not.
And then I figured if I have all the supplies out to make one, I might just as well make more.

I thought both of these sentiments were appropriate for the inside so I did two with celebrate and to with may all your tomorrows be as happy as today.


Super productive day

I've been making mountains of cards with left overs from card classes and card buffets.
I must have liked this one a lot as I have few leftovers.

I really do love this painted harvest stamp set.

You can never go wrong with the coffee set.

There are going to be great for guys.

The card on the left was made with alcohol inks and the card on the right the flowers were made with Brusho water color crystals.


Fun with a friend

I have a good friend that came and spent the night so we could do some serious crafting.
 These are cards my friend Becky made.

 These are cards I made.

 Then we started [laying around with alcohol inks.

See the white frame in the top left corner of the picture? Well, I couldn't figure out what the was all about until now.  I had my phone set in half selfie mode.   Geesh!  I didn't even know that was a thing.

The morning before she left was such a beautiful day, we had to take our crafting outside. This is Becky working with Brusho watercolor crystals.

 By the way, she admitted she was way over dressed and working up a sweat.