Well, I finally got a couple more cards made.

Since I only have a minimal amount of supplies unpacked I kept them simple and went with black and white.  The striped paper is from Fun Stampers Journey and is wrapping paper. I cut it at a diagonal for a little more dramatic effect.
The stamps are from Unity Stamps, a local company out of little ol' New London, MN.


Fancy Fold Card

Here is a fancy fold card I made just for fun.

Once I get all the kinks out of it, I think I will be making it for the next class.


non traditional sympathy cards

I needed a couple of sympathy cards so I went a little different route.
This one a for my cousins husband whom I really don't know so went with a masculine type.

The second one is for someone who loved to bake and found great happiness being in the kitchen.


No Cards Yet

I had the best of intentions of getting settled into our rental, getting all my crafting possessions set up in the basement, then I would get back in business with my Fun Stampers Journey card making again. Well, that's just not going to happen.  The basement is cold, dark, dreary and eeary so I have to force myself to go down there every time I sell something from my Etsy shop.  Needless to say, most of my card making supplies are still packed away. But I have not been totally unproductive, I have been crocheting in my spare time.
My model is such a good sport.  She did get a treat after this humiliation. I still need to make a flower or something to jazz it up a little.
This scarf isn't finished yet but is turning out pretty good considering I made up the pattern.


Whirl Wind

Well it's been a whirl wind of crazy madness since we sold our house and had less than a month to find a new place to live and move 24 years of treasures. I'm some what of a hoarder but I'm a hoarder with a purpose.  I save junky things thinking someday I will repurpose it into something really cool. Add that to all my good stuff and all I can say is Uff Dah!  I should be unpacking and organizing but I was suffering from crafting withdrawal.  And since one of our neighbors invited us over to meet some other neighbors I didn't want to show up empty handed so that gave me a perfect excuse to make something.

I've made these cute little guys before but this time I changed it up.  I brought the gloves at the dollar store and have always used the regular knit ones that come two pair for a dollar.  This time I thought I would try the fuzzy ones but didn't realize they were the kids size so after I cut the fingers off  it was a little more challenging to get them over the Hersey's nugget, then I had to add a glue dot to keep them on.