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Beads Beads and More Beads

I have a lot of beads.  More beads than one person should be allowed to have. Since I'm always on some sort of quest, my newest quest is to use up a few of my gazillion beads.
 A knitted beaded breaclet
 Another knitted beaded bracelet.
This is a great way to use lots of beads as it takes about 200 for one bracelet.

 A beaded serving spoon

A button and beaded napkin ring
And now I'm off to conquer the quest and use more beads.



Back Friday Marathon

In honor of black Friday and me not liking hoards of people I thought I would stay away from all the craziness and see how much I could get done at home.
This is number one.  I knitted this wine sack a while back and it needed to be machine felted. It's from the book Knit One, Felt Too by Kathleen Taylor I have a front loading wash machine so my friend Kathy volunteered (or perhaps I begged, I can't remember now) but anyway she felted it for me. It's been sitting around for weeks waiting for me to decorate it with grapes, a leaf and vines. Now it's done and I can move one to something else.



I've been knitting scarves like crazy.  I made one for myself a while back, then one for my daughter.  Just before Christmas I received an order for one and when I went to buy the yarn it was on sale, so I bought a bunch and have been knitting ever since.  I am going to put a couple in my etsy shop and if they don't sell, well, I guess they will be gifts next Christmas.


My favorite can be seen here.


The stockings were hung ......

I have a love/hate- or more of a strongly dislike relationship with knitting. I love the look of anything hand knit. I strongly dislike the fact that I can't read patterns well enough to make anything correctly. I love all the cool yarn, I strongly dislike the fact that I need 30 different pair of needles. When I have the proper size in a circular needle, it's not the right length, when I have the proper size in regular needles, I need double points and it just goes on and on.
I love the fact that my friend Kathy will make socks for me in super cool colors, but strongly dislike the fact that I can't make them myself.

I strongly dislike when I have money and time invested and things like this happen. In case you don't want to read the whole sorted story, here is a picture of this disaster.

These were slippers that went arye. They are only 3 inches across and 12 inches long.
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to pick up the needles again, then something like this comes along and I can't resist.

It turned out kind of cute and only took two evenings for me to make just one.


A Knitted Dwarf

This doll is fashioned after the Waldorf educational model founded by Rudolf Steiner in the first quarter of the twentieth century. It is designed to stimulate and preserve the inner nurturing creative forces in the child. The pattern is from Weir Dolls. I have a lot of beard yarn left so I am thinking I didn't make his beard full enough so I may just have to make it longer and fuller.


Michele's new scarf

I thought my daughter needed a scarf so I knitted her this funky one. I mailed it off today and with all the below zero temps I'm sure she will put it good use.


New Scarf

This is a scarf I knitted a couple of weeks ago. I just didn't have a model, so I couldn't post a picture. My model came home from college for the week end so here it is.


Bubble Bag

This is my first attempt at knitting a bag. It was an experimental project and I did learn that I should have attached the handles before I felted it. It turned out smaller than I expected and I don't know what I am going to do with it. It's too small for a purse for me. I might needle felt a flower or two on it just for fun.



It all started when my friend Kathy knitted a pair of wool socks for me and they were just so stinking cute I decided to jump on the bandwagon try my hand at knitting. I wanted to start out small so I started out with these Trio of Pixies. They are only about five inches high and are less than perfect but they were quick and easy and very fun to knit.