Paper Pumpkin

Stampin' Up has a program where you can sign up to get a monthly box of fun paper projects to put together.  Sine I am a demonstrator I thought I better subscribe (at least for a while) to find out what it all about. This month is was all about Halloween, now I usually don't really get into Halloween that much, but I really didn't want boxes of unused projects sitting around so I'm going to try to keep up with making the projects.

These are the little burlap treat bags that came in the kit, along with the little stickers, paper, Halloween stamp set, orange ink and sequence.  I'm not a fan of sequence in any way shape or form, but since it came in the kit, it was either use it or toss it, so I used it.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog to let me know you are still reading it! I'm not a regular commenter on your either, but yep, I'm still around :-)