Flock of Sheep

This time of year is the busiest for my Etsy Shop so I've been stocking it with some of the most popular items.  Other than the flowers and snowflakes, sheep have been a hot item.


The top three are scissor fobs with a little pocket on the back so you can tuck your scissors in inside.
The bottom row can be used for a tree ornament or a scissor fob just to keep track of your scissors. You can see some other fun sheep items in my Etsy shop by clicking here.


Retreat 2013

I along with 4 friends headed to Brainerd for our annual retreat, Saturday was a beautiful days and we went for a nice refreshing walk to burn some calories and clear our heads.  Below are a few projects from our very productive bunch.
 This was by far the most productive year we have had yet. This is just a sample of what we accomplished.
On Sunday the weather changed, I was going to say it turned ugly, but it really is beautiful.
They were such hard working bunch they hardly took time to eat the Swedish almond cookies and Butterfinger fudge I brought.