Pics from my garden

 My friends and I were talking about my naked lady plant so I thought I would post a picture of it. It comes up in the spring as a clump of foliage, then dies back to nothing. Then suddenly out of no where springs up a beautiful flower.

This is a vine I planted to grow up and over my pergola.  It is suppose to grow like a weed, so I thought I would take a picture this year, then another next year to see the progress it makes.



I was inspired by pinterest for this fun project. It's an old straw holder (I just happened to have one in my kitchen cupboard) that I made into a pencil holder.

I will be giving it to my niece who is about to embark upon a teaching career. She also needed (not that she really needed a pencil holder) but anyway, I made her something to keep her laptop in.
I gave my niece the choice between these two fabrics that my sister brought back from Nigeria. She went with the one on the top.
This is the one I made for my tablet.


Chalk and Vanilla

I got on a make my own vanilla kick and now I'm bottling, labeling and selling it.
I have customers that are putting in their orders for Christmas so I may have to make another batch as it takes three months to make. They do make cute little inexpensive gifts.
I have also been playing around with the chalk board effect for cards.
These I stamped with white ink on black card stock and them made them look like a chalk board.
These I stamped with ink then embossed with white embossing powder. Now I just need to make them into cards.