Fun With Friends

Last time our fun group got together we made slippers.  They were made from recycled wool sweaters are are super easy to make. I made the pink ones and they turned out a little big so I made a second pair out of a recycled wool coat.


More Cards

As a thank you for ordering from me at my last event I decided to make them each a card incorperating an item they brought from me.  It worked out great as two of them bought word punches and one bought a bird punch.  The fence is made from the word punch and so far that has been my all time favorite punch. I'm not writing in them so they can use them however they wish.

Then I decided to make a couple of quick and easy cards with some leftovers from the event. The  paper is from the new 25 year celebration book and is Print Poetry. The stamps are Bright Blossoms and the punch is the Scallop Trim Border.

And lastly, my friend Evy showed me a picture of a card that her friend had made useing this window frame.  It was one of those things that I couldn't get out of my mind so I did a little search for it and found one on line. It's called the Grand Madison Window and I bought mine from Frantic Stamper Inc. and they ship at lighting speed.  I ordered it on Monday and it was in my mail box on Wend. In the second picute I used the stamp set from Stampin' Up Snow Much Fun.

Stampin Up Fun

Two of the young ladies that attended my Stampin' Up event.


Stampin' Fun

Today I had another Stampin' Up Event and once again it was loads of fun.  I took a couple of great pictures with my tablet, but can't figure out how to get them unto my blog, so until I can figure it out this picture will have to do.


New Year

With the New Year I decided to get a few new things in my Etsy shop. I like to try new things and I am always apprehension about spending a lot of time and energy making numerous things then not having them sell. With an Etsy shop comes advice, usually from people that don't sell or buy from Etsy. A lot of people have told me I should sell my cards, well if you do a search for cards in Etsy you will come up with over 750,000 items and I'm just not interested in joining that competitive market.  However, I have also gotten some great suggestions from customers, like snow flakes (my best seller) so now I am trying a couple more things that customers have suggested.  One is snowmen.
You can find more here.
I also sell sheep scissor fobs and brooches. Well one of my customers had inquired if the fob had a pocket to hold the scissors, it didn't but I thought hmmm, I bet it could so ....
A sheep scissors holder/fob was born.