Tune in Tuesday

Since I gave cards for Christmas gifts this year, I felt the need to replenish my stash.
The triple stamp effect is still one of my favorites and then I combined it with one of my favorite stamp sets it ended up being one of my favorite cards.

This one I made using Stampin' Up Best of Snow stamp set.  I used the coordination's paper with a new embossing folder, then sanded the paper to bring out the core.  The embossing folder is called Decorative Dots and will be available free with a 50.00 purchase during the up coming Sale-A-Bration.  The Banner Stamp set and punch are part of the Sale-A-Bration as well.

This last card I incorporated the stamp set Petite Petals and punch set from the new Celebrate the Everyday catalog.


Christmas gifts

Well I went to post pictures of the Christmas presents that I gave this year and realized I forgot to take pictures.  So here is a picture of the leftover pouches.
I make six of them in three different sizes, then I let my sister, niece and nephews girlfriend choose which one they want.
I also gave cards in cute little card holders. Needless to say, I don't have pictures of those either but I do have pictures of some envelopes that I made.

I made the envelopes with my Stampin' Up envelope punch board, then used the punch board to make liners.


Tune in Tuesday Snickerdoodles

This week I am giving homage to the always delicious Snickerdoodle cookie. I love the plain ol' snickerdoodle but have seeing a lot of recipes where they seem to be stepping it up a notch.  The first one I tried was made with pumpkin.  It's a nice chewy cookie and if you love pumpkin, you will love this cookie.
The next recipe I tried was a half gingersnap half snickerdoole. They are delightful, have a nice crunch to them and are the best of both worlds.
Lastly I have the Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle, need I say more?  I did change this recipe up a touch, it called for caramel squares cut into 1/4's and I used mini Rolos. They are yummy.
Just thought I would toss in one more Doodle just for cuteness.
 If you click on the name of the recipe it will take to  the recipe page.


Herds of Sheep

I've been making herds of sheep for my Etsy shop.  These were for a special order.
 I've been making round sheep.
 Oval sheep.
Sheep with legs.
Sheep with no legs.
Sheep with a little pouch on the back to hold a scissors.
 Sheep that you can wear on your lapel.
 And I have no idea why these two pictures mysteriously turned to the side.  They aren't like that on my camera and I can't change them.


Tune in Tuesday

Here is another super simple project that could be made in mast quantities if you so desired.
It's made with a Hershey nugget, a piece of 1 inch by 3 1/4 inch card stock and colored pencils.
I just drew on the faces with colored pencils, you could use makers, paint or anything you have laying around.  I used pencils 'cause they were 2 feet from where I was sitting. Then take a pair of gloves or 1 single glove if you are one of those people that loses a glove and never tosses out the single because you are sure as soon as you do, the other one will turn up.  You know who you are. Now just go ahead a cut the fingers off that single glove and make five of these cute little guys and girls and if the other glove turns up, well just make five more.

I made a boy and a girl just for fun. You can leave them as is or add a hook to hang on a tree. Then after you have the fingers cut off, don't throw them away.

You now have a pair of fingerless gloves for texting, not while you're driving, of course.

Wow that is a really bad angle, my fingers are not that fat. If you don't have any of gloves laying around that you want to cut up, just head on down to the nearest dollar store, last year they were selling them 2 pair for a dollar.


Be Thankful

This crazy little turkey with the ginormous feathers was made with the Stampin' Up Owl punch and Tim Holz tattered leaves die.


Box Tutorial

I had a request for a little insight as how I made one of the boxes from my last post so here is what I did. I started out with a piece of 6 x 6  double sided paper. I like the 6 x 6 size because you can take a 12 x 12 paper and get 4 little boxes out of one sheet.

 Punch and score at 1 inch and 4 inches, the turn your paper to the side and punch and score following the score lines all the way around.  Then place the corners into the corner rounder side of the punch board and round all the edges.
 Cut the paper on the score lines as shown. (I usually make templates for my projects out of ugly cheap paper.)

 When you put it together attach the sides on the outside of your box.  That way when you fold the top flap down you will have a nice smooth finish on the top of your box.
I added brads and a ribbon handle after I was done, but I recommend doing this before you put it together as it's much easier to attach brads to a flat surface. And guess what fits inside - three Ghirardelli chocolates.
Stay tuned as I have more in the works using various sizes of paper.


Tune in Tuesday

Todays feature is the Stampin' Up Envelope Punch Board and this is my favorite project so far.

This would make a super cute little gift to give to co-workers.  It's inexpensive to make but much more time consuming to make than yesterdays project of wrapping a piece of burlap around a candle.You can see the you tube video to see exactly how this cute little guy it is done here.

 It holds a Ghirardelli Chocolate. I should have stock in that company, is there anyone out there that buys more than me?  This one happens to be Sea Salt Caramel. And now it happens to be gone, yes I ate it while I was posting onto this blog.
I went a little crazy with the envelope board and made these fun little boxes.

Everyone that ordered a punch board from me is getting a little box, and yes there is chocolate involved. I'm having way to much fun with this and I may have to host a Envelope Punch Board Party.


Make it Monday

When my niece challenged asked me if I had any ideas for inexpensive gifts to make for her coworkers, I immediately thought of these.

The dollar store is a good source for inexpensive candles,  The burlap on the large candle came from JoAnns, the burlap ribbon on the small candle is a Stampin' Up product and the buttons are from my massive stash. She said she needed a lot of gifts and I didn't think to ask how many but if it is more than 20 this project could get costly so make sure you tune in Tuesday for another project that's less costly to make.


Brown Paper Bags

Don't ya just love brown paper bags?  I know I do and I've made and posted enough that I know you know I do. My friend Evy ordered some of my homemade vanilla that I've been selling and one night when I should have been sleeping I came up with what I thought was a great idea for packaging them.
I took 2# brown paper bags and made them into mini brown paper bags. They turned out okay but in my mind, in the middle of the night, they were way cuter.


A little thank you gift.

When ever someone places a Stampin' Up order with me I always give a little thank you gift or a card when I deliver their order. This time I made cards using the Label Card Thinlits Die.  I also used a cute little snowman stamp that is now retired, but it's just too cute to not use it.


Stampin' Up Fun

Last week I had a couple of Stampin' Up events so if you couldn't make it, this is what you missed.
 This was my super fun Thursday night group.

They did such a great job we celebrated with a glass of wine and a toast to friends.
 This is my hard working serious Saturday group.
I featured the new Stampin' Up envelope punch board so three of the five projects were made using it.
We made little envelope boxes that are perfect for holding five to seven cards with envelopes.
 With the envelope punch board you can make envelopes in many different shapes and sizes.  I used an assortment of papers, from children's books, flute sheet music, a world almanac and Stampin' Up paper.
These are the cards that we made.
 Michele needed a couple of baby cards, so after the group left, she got crackin' and made these super cute cards.


Wool Felt Flowers

Don't you just love wool felt flowers?  I know I do.  I sell a lots of them in my Etsy shop and people that don't buy them are always asking me what people do them. I don't ask but sometimes they volunteer the information and once in a while even send me a picture. When Janice sent me a picture I fell in love with what she a had done. So I went out to my yard and gathered some twigs.
This is my version of the picture she sent.
I got out my Elmers glue and went to town making flowers.
Then I made more.
Once I started I was having so much fun I couldn't stop. I really liked the little white vase so I painted a mason jar white to see what that would look like.  But I think I like the unpainted jar with the burlap ribbon much better.
Yes, it's safe to say I got a little carried away.

The picture really doesn't do justice and are much cuter in person.