Some people are so clever

Every once in a while I find myself needing to make something useful and today's project is so clever.
 They are baby food jars that have been made into match stick holders.
 Now some people might be asking why not just leave your matches in the box they came in, and that's a very good question so I will give you a very good answer.  #1 If you set the mach box on the ground and the ground is damp, the matches won't light.  #2 If you leave your matches out side all night and in the morning there is dew on the ground, your matches will have gotten wet and won't light. #3 If you leave the box on the ground and accidentally step on the box, there is no going back. All these things have happened to me but before you judge, keep in mind when I'm lighting a fire it's always in a fire pit after dark.
You can find the instructions here. I did mine a little differently than the instructions.  I used a baby food jar, she used a jelly jar.  She said to use sand paper on the top of the jar to strike the matches, I think that might be just for the strike anywhere matches. I tried it and my matches would not light using sand paper so I just cut the stuff off the side of the box. These is also a little hole in the top so you can just tip the matches out one at a time.  You could take your drill and drill a little hole but of course my drill is never charged so I took a phillips screwdriver and hammer and just made a hole large enough for the matched to slide though.
Now I am all set for a bon fire and have matches for at home and out at the lake.

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quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Such a clever idea. Hope you are doing.