A Ring to go with Bracelet

After having so much fun crocheting my beaded bracelet I decided to whip of a little ring to go with it.

I think I might have to take on a bigger project if I want to use up some of the massive amount of crochet cotton.


Old Suit Cases

I just love old suitcases.  I love the look of them and I love to store things in them. I have a few in my basement that don't have nearly as much character as these but they do serve to be useful just the same. Every once in awhile I decide to open one just to remind myself what is inside.
I knew this one had crochet cotton in it but had forgotten how much I had.  It was acquired at an auction a few years ago along with some other stuff. After a quick look at this I decided I needed to do something so I decided to crochet a bracelet using some beads from an old necklace.
 It's not perfect but I still think it's kind of cute.


Table Runner

This table runner is called Afternoon Snack and is from the book Fast & Furious by Gudrun Eria.  It's a quilt as you go project so once you get the top done it's pretty much finished which is right up my alley. 


What my cat might be doing when I'm not looking

I just had to post this 'cause it made me laugh. I can just see may cat doing this.  She does sit on my desk and watch the computer screen and has stepped on the keyboard and done a little typing.
 She is just waiting for me to leave the house.