This weekend was our annual retreat and here we are all packed up and leaving after a very productive weekend.

Jeanette always takes her work so seriously that's how she can get so much done.
She put the binding on this, don't you just love it?

Sally is hard at work making doll quilts for charity

These are the two tops she finished.
Then she started hand stitching a double wedding ring.

Evy got this scrapbook done before I arrived.
Evy - she's so happy she finished stitching on these flowers that she has been working on ever since I've known her and longer.
Then she started making hearts fast and furious - Evy style.
 She made a lot and they just kept getting cuter and cuter.

 I even got something done myself.

And then started a new project.


My Etsy Shop

I've decided to put a few more things in my Etsy Shop and with Christmas just around the corner, at least according to the stores that already have started putting up tress and such I'm going with a holiday theme. These are just a few of my newest treasures for sale, if you want to see more or have a closer look  just pop on over to Cindy's Stitches in Time.
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Cutie Pies

Really! That's what they are called. I've been watching Martha again, yes we are on a first name basis.  She had Dani Cone on and she makes the cutest little pies in fruit jars.  So I decided to give it a whirl.
Aren't they cute?  
 They are not very quick and easy but boy are they delicious. They are made with apple, cheddar cheese and fresh rosemary and oh so sweet and savory. You can find the recipe here - Apple-Cheddar-Rosemary Piejars.


Over Achieivers

No I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about the Prairie Women's group that I'm in. Each month we received a pattern for a project that we are expected to have completed when we come back the next month. We've been getting together for quite a few months and I have yet to get a project done in a timely matter, in fact for the last five months I haven't completed a project and yet they still let me come back.  One project I started just wasn't working for me and I didn't like it, so I tossed it into the garbage. I hope that' not grounds for dismissing me from the group.I am raising my right hand and I solemnly swear and here by pledge to get a project done for next month.
Well, there are a few picturesof their projects.