I'm trying to get into the swing of making cards and having a few on hand since I have more than an ample supply of paper, stamps, punches , ect.

 Here are a few that I made, I need to practice a little more before I really get the hang of it but I will never get there if I don't stop thinking about it and  just do it!

This is just a fun little pocket that was made from an envelope. I love making funky things like this, but then don't quite know what to do with them once I finish them.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Cindy,
I've just got a newer computer, so I'm able to see all my favorite blogs at last! I wish we lived closer - we seem to do the same kind of things, and it would be great fun to share our learning experiences! I've also been playing with paper lately, making cards and collages. It is a nice break from stitching, as much as I love that. Your cards and other items are lovely!