Have you seen these super cute purse handles?

If you have been in a quilt shop in the last year, I'm sure you have seen these super cute purse handles as they seem to be all the rage.  Well, of course I had to jump on the band wagon and and make myself a little purse.
 I made mine crazy quilted and did the embellishing on my machine so it was super fast to make.
 I had to add a couple of pockets for the inside, 'cause my purses and bags have to have pockets.
I thought it was be fun to make one out of wool too since the handles come off easily for interchanging, but I think at this point I may have to wait until next fall since I'm getting into a spring mode now.

 This handy dandy over-the arm chair organizer pattern was bought on one of my road trips with my friends Jeanette and Kathy. I think it was last summer and I'm pretty sure they got theirs done in a much more timely manner than me.
 It done, it very functional and it's Sophie Mae's new best friend.


Kathy said...

Jeanette finished her handy dandy over the arm sewing organizer but Kathy isn't even close to finishing hers!

Cindy said...

I knew Jeannette had hers done and was just giving you the benefit of the doubt, Kathy. :)

Gina E. said...

Sigh...you are so talented, Cindy. The bag is very pretty, and the over the arm organizer is a great invention!