Prairie Women's Mini

I finished the Seneca Falls quilt for the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle group. 

After having problems from the get-go, making mine smaller, putting on three borders instead of one, I then sewed buttons on, tea dyed it and tossed it in the dryer for an aged look.


Make Mine a Mini

The saga continues with my Prairie Woman's Circle wall hanging. First of all,  the quilts are supposed to be make-do quilts so we are asked to bring a 6 inch square of a certain color of fabric to swap with another person, then use that in our quilts.  Well, duffus here brought the wrong color so didn't swap it with anyone. Then when I was cutting out my fabric I was working on three projects at once two of which called for 1 1/2 strips of black fabric. Now what do you think the chances of me getting my black fabric mixed up and sewing them into the wrong projects?  I'll tell you, it's 100 percent.
  Then as they say stupid is as stupid does, I did this.

 When I should have done this.
I don't how why I did something so stupid, there were no drugs or alcohol involved.  So with all this trouble I decided to just make mine a mini.

The quilt in the pattern is 25 x 31  with one border.  Mine is 21 by 25  with three borders. And I found a use for four of my four patch mistakes and put them into the corners.  Now I just need to quilt it.


Happy Valentine's Day

I made this little table topper using wool and my favorite crazy quilt stitches.


Sometimes I'm such a duffus

Well, most of the time that is.  Let me just start by saying my sewing room is really cold in the winter, so sometimes I use my kitchen island as my cutting board.  Well, I decided to be an over achiever and cut borders for two different projects and my Prairie Woman's project all at once, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Then somewhere between my kitchen counter and my sewing room things went a-rye.
 Two of my borders should have been made into four patches and inadvertently went on a mini quilt.
And then a whole bunch of little bitty four patches ended up with the border fabric in them. Don't you just hate that when that happens?

Have you seen these super cute purse handles?

If you have been in a quilt shop in the last year, I'm sure you have seen these super cute purse handles as they seem to be all the rage.  Well, of course I had to jump on the band wagon and and make myself a little purse.
 I made mine crazy quilted and did the embellishing on my machine so it was super fast to make.
 I had to add a couple of pockets for the inside, 'cause my purses and bags have to have pockets.
I thought it was be fun to make one out of wool too since the handles come off easily for interchanging, but I think at this point I may have to wait until next fall since I'm getting into a spring mode now.

 This handy dandy over-the arm chair organizer pattern was bought on one of my road trips with my friends Jeanette and Kathy. I think it was last summer and I'm pretty sure they got theirs done in a much more timely manner than me.
 It done, it very functional and it's Sophie Mae's new best friend.


Wool Garden Crazy

This piece of work has been on my blog a time or two during the process and is now complete. All I need to do now is hang it. I bought the frame at Good Will and painted it four times before I was happy with it.


Crazy quilting

In the spirit of finishing projects I got a couple of non-quilty things done.

This cat is from a round robin with a local group of crazy quilters.  I made the base then it was passed around to each member to add their own touch and personality to it. My requirements were - nothing big and gaudy and only white and off white.

This one is from an international crazy quilt group with only four people doing all this work. It's the exact pattern as the cat, I just adjusted the ears on the other one to make him more cat-like.