Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

Our local quilt shop has a group going that is inspired by the women and their quilts from the mid 1800's.  It's so much fun and educational as well.  We sit in a circle, well sort of, around tables and our lovely host Darcie reads a short story about their trials and tribulations while we sit and make yo yo's.

Each month we have an assignment, we are supposed to finish them and bring them the next month for show and tell. The first month of course I didn't finish mine, it's still waiting to be quilted. Here are a few pictures from the group.
This is Sharon's, isn't she clever with the way she integrated the ribbon into the lace? She has a great blog that you can check out here.
This is Betty's.  Sorry it's blurry, she must have been swinging it though the air.  I'll blame her anyway, and not the camera operator.

This is Cindy's, don't you love the wide lace?

This is Judy's from last month, I think she's proud as punch.

This is Phyllis.  She made her's very vintage, I love that look. I'm not so sure what she is finding so intriguing, I must have missed out on something great.
This pattern is called At Mama's Knee.  You can find more on this designer at HeartspunQuilts.com.

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