I Hear By Declare a Winner

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the positive and encouraging comments. It has been an eye opening experience for me to say the least and I'm going to do my best to get some of these finished before I buy anything new to work on.
The winner is ...........Jan from A Passion for Vintage Textiles with her guess of 16 and just in case you lost track I posted 17 unfinished projects. Second place goes to Sharon over at Dandelionmom and third goes to Betty.

Since everyone that guessed is a winner, and in celebration of Valentines Day I made heart ornaments. Jan you can be the first to choose which one of these you want. Please e-mail me with your mailing information and your choice. Sharon and Betty e-mail me with your first and second choice. You can hang it on your door, hang it on a tree or.....................
Use it as a cat pillow.
Yuck, something left a bad taste in my mouth.


A Couple More

I don't know where yesterday day went, but it's gone for ever and I forgot to post so with out further ado I will post more than one today to make up for lost time. This is a smaller lap size in flannel that was going to keep my legs and feet warm and cozy while stitching in my recliner.

I'm hand quilting it.
This one I had in my basement and totally forgot I even had.  I don't have any recollection of why or when I started it. It's pretty big, I'm guessing queen size and looks like a sampler, perhaps I thought I needed to practice my sewing skills. This one I started hand quilting as well and must have planned on having friends over to help as it has several needles and thread in place and ready to go. I'm pretty sure that's the only way it's going to get finished in my life time is if I invite quilters over on a regular basis and they can't leave until they done a few stitches.
This is a little wall hanging I saw in a quilt shop and had to buy the kit.  I just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it or what I will do with it when it's finished.


Little doll dresses

These little doll dress quilt blocks were from a swap we did with the 30's group I'm in.  I have 9 more but decided to make a little wall hanging with three of them. I love the cute little dresses but thought it was getting a little to puffy when I was hand quilting it, so I just stopped working on it.


Pinwheels on the prairie

At least that is what I think this one is called.  It' been so long ....... my memory has started to fade.  But I do remember it was a block of the month from our local quilt shop. For the pinwheel blocks we were given the fabric and pattern one month at a time.  If we brought back the completed block from the month before, we were then given the material and pattern for the next month. I pulled fabric from my stash to make the nine patch blocks, then used black for the shashing and set them on point. I think I need to get this to a quilter as soon as possible so I can get it finished and resting peacefully  one of my beds.

Hey what's everybody looking at?


Just for Fun

This one I thought would be really fun to make and my plan is to machine buttonhole around everything while quilting at the same time.


Another table runner

Here is another table runner that is almost finished.  Don't have a clue why I didn't finish it, I like it, so that's not it. And just in case you are getting tired of looking at all my unfinished projects, I thought I would try to make it a little more interesting and take a picture by one of my sewing machines from my sewing machine collection.
This is what the machine looks like when it is in it's cabinet state.  As you can see it gets put to good use, even if it's not by me.
And as you can see, our house is well protected, when they see someone coming, Sophie make a beeline away from the front door and Lucy makes a bee line to the front door.


Table runner

This table runner is about 10 years old, I think.  I was making two at a time and didn't have a plan for this one so just never finished it.  I think all it needs is binding.  #10



This one I liked the saying, but just lost interest when it came to finishing.


I can't believe I'm up to #8 already

This quilt top is new enough that it's been on my blog.  It's from a class I took this spring.  You can read about it here, if you wish. It's really not my style or color wave so I was thinking of finishing it and donating it to the nursing home.


I went shopping

You get a prize! You get a prize! You get a prize!  I feel like Oprah. I don't know why I had so few people guessing how many unfinished quilt projects I have, perhaps they feared the prize might be one of the unfinished projects or thought I might give away something undesirable.  But lucky for the ones that guessed, you are all getting a prize and you can rest assured, it won't be something you have to finish yourself. The person that guessed the closest is going to get something I picked up at an antique shop and something I made, as well.  The others will be getting something I made.

 This is a quilt top I really like and have plans to take it to a quilter and have her quilt it for me. It's a crazy log cabin and was really fun to make.
And because I can't keep a secret here is a little something for the winner of the contest.
You will be getting 5 yards of this vintage lace.


be thankful

I really liked this when I saw it in the quilt shop, but after I got started I didn't like it all that much so I just lost interest and quilt working on it.


Love this one

This wall hanging is a kit I bought and have since either misplaced the binding or used it for something else. It's by Lynette Jensen.
I really like it, I put a lot of work into it,  I don't know why I don't finish it.
Look at that, it still has the needle in it just where I left off.  How crazy it that! It's #5.


Say Cheese

I'm trying to teach Lucy to smile on command.  So far she hasn't really caught on to the concept, but now that I know she knows how, I'm really going to work on that trick. She just did this on her own, I wonder what she was thinking. She had been just sleeping in her chair so I know she wasn't mad.

# 4

This little number I found scrunched up in the corner on my cutting board.
I don't like it, period, there is nothing more to say about it.


Flower Baskets Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is called Flower Baskets by Wooden Spool Design.  I bought the pattern and kit up in Fargo with my friend Mona about 5 or 6 years ago.  It's made with wool and homespun fabric and was really fun to make. I really like it so it's on the top of my list to get quilted.


Quilt #2

This one is from the Prairie Woman's Sewing Circle and is the first one from that series that I made. It's the same one that I posted about the no waste prairie points during my marathon black Friday craziness.
I realized that I never took a picture of the second one from that series.  I guess I was just so excited about everyone elses I forgot about my own so here is a picture of mine in it's completed state, I might add.
Now that I see a picture of it I think I may need bigger buttons in the corners. They kind of got lost in all the busyness.


Quilt Tops

I like to start projects, I don't like to finish them. I don't know why, I can't explain it, that's just how I roll. I often talk about my many quilt tops that need to be finished, so just for fun I thought I would post a picture a day just to see how many days it will take before I get tired of showing them and perhaps I will finish one in the process.

I'll start with this one as it's my most recent one.  It was really fun and was a free block of the month project from Laura's blog over at Quilt Happy Quilt Often.  Actually she came out with two each month and you can find the pattern here.
If anyone wants to take a gander and guess how many I'll be posting, please do and I'll be giving away a little something to the person that comes the closest. I don't even know myself how many there will be as I will be including quilt tops, wall hangings and table runners.
I'm adding a couple of rules to the give away.  First,  you have until midnight Friday the 14th to make you guess and secondly you guess must be in the comments on this post.


Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

Our local quilt shop has a group going that is inspired by the women and their quilts from the mid 1800's.  It's so much fun and educational as well.  We sit in a circle, well sort of, around tables and our lovely host Darcie reads a short story about their trials and tribulations while we sit and make yo yo's.

Each month we have an assignment, we are supposed to finish them and bring them the next month for show and tell. The first month of course I didn't finish mine, it's still waiting to be quilted. Here are a few pictures from the group.
This is Sharon's, isn't she clever with the way she integrated the ribbon into the lace? She has a great blog that you can check out here.
This is Betty's.  Sorry it's blurry, she must have been swinging it though the air.  I'll blame her anyway, and not the camera operator.

This is Cindy's, don't you love the wide lace?

This is Judy's from last month, I think she's proud as punch.

This is Phyllis.  She made her's very vintage, I love that look. I'm not so sure what she is finding so intriguing, I must have missed out on something great.
This pattern is called At Mama's Knee.  You can find more on this designer at HeartspunQuilts.com.