School and more school

Yesterday we went to Alex on business and learned about some new stuff.  I won a wonderful door prize.  Most of the prizes were taken, so my choices were, a canvas tote bag, a badminton set or this wonderful plant.
There really was no contest  and I didn't have to think twice about that one.

From Alex we headed right to Willmar for the last of our dog obedience classes for Lucy.
 She didn't graduate "Top Dog", can you see the disappointment in her eyes? But she did get an honorable mention ribbon. One of our downfalls was a spider on the floor that keep distracting us both.  And I have taught her to "get it" when there is a bug in my house. She was just trying to do what she had been taught at home.

This was the Best in Show dog, but it was her second time around in school so she deserved to win.

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