Mini Log Cabin

I bought this cute little metal holder thingy a long time ago with the idea that I would make mini seasonal quilts and change them every month.  Well, that just haven't happened, I've used it for a few odd ball things, but for the most part it just sits empty.  So today I decided it was time to change that.  I had the need to just sit and sew without having to think or concentrate on anything so I made this cute little log cabin quilt.  The log cabin is one of my favorite quilt blocks and I love this fabric I think because it looks very Little House on the Prairie to me.


Gina E. said...

I also love the log cabin design Cindy, but I've yet to do one. It wasn't among the blocks I learnt when I did the patchwork course last year, although the tutor said she would gladly work through it with me. But I haven't had time to go back this year, as I am trying to concentrate on my UFOs. I've had a few small diversions, but I don't want to start anything big, because it will slow down my UFO progress. However, I have patterns, tutorials printed out, and heaps of fabrics, so one day I will certainly have a go! Yours is lovely, and looks great on the hanger.

quiltcrazygal said...

So very cute! I love mini quilts and the frame is perfect.