What have I gotten myself into?

When I was up in Fargo I came across a tote at the quilt shop that was done up for a sample and I thought it would be perfect for all my shopping needs.  It's called the Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble, but wouldn't you know it, they were all out of the patterns, so I put in my order and it arrived in a couple of days. Little did I know there would be 16 pages to the pattern.  Fourteen are instructions and two pages are labels that you attach to the fabric as you cut.There are 36 labels in all. I have been putting it off as it just seems so overwhelming, but today I decided it isn't going to get done by itself so I might just as well bite the bullet and dive in.

Here are my 32 pattern pieces cut.  The floral is the main fabric, the stripe is the contrast fabric and the red is the lining.  JoAnns was out of the heavy interfacing so as soon a I get that I will cut out another 13 pieces and I can start sewing.  Yippie Skippie!

I turn my back for a second ........... Now Lucy, you know you can't be up there.  Is that a look of guilt or what.
But please can't I stay?  I'm so comfy and the floor is so hard.

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Betty said...

That will be so pretty. I really like your fabrics. I too have launched into my first bag. So far I have it cut out but it's back into the cupboard for a much braver day.