A Little Plastic Box

My friend Mona gave everyone in our small crazy quilt group a little plastic box.  I think they may have been to hold disk, but I'm not sure.  I decided to jazz mine up just because that is how I roll.
 I didn't cover the back side since I like the idea of being able to see what is in it.


Wooly Wednesday

Our local quilt shop has a wool group that meets once a month and happens to be on a Wednesday so I call it wooly Wednesday, I'm not sure what the real name for the group is.  Anyway, this is the project that I did this month.  The original kit had a cream color background but much to the shop owners dismay I made mine up with a black background.  I had to change the bees so they would show up better and I used buttons  for the center of the flowers.
It gives it a totally different look, I really love it.


Circle of the month March

This is the welcome wool monthly circle for March. Not my favorite, but it's done.


Oil Cloth Bag

I came across some oil cloth fabric when I was shopping on line and decided to get some to make a shopping bag.  I love the feel of it and it can just be wiped clean so I think it will be great to keep in my car and grab it for groceries or whatever.

I don't like unfinished edges so I lined it and even with the lining it took less than an hour to make. I don't know how well it's going to hold up but I guess I will just have to use it and see.


Houses are done

I finally finished the houses that I was working on with my friends Kathy and Jeanette. Now I just have to put them together.
I also finished a couple more of the Redwork Love is..... blocks that I'm doing in blue.


Professional Tote is Done

This tote is  not quick and easy but in my opinion is worth the time and effort. I love the fact that is has a zipper so I can toss it around and don't have to worry about losing anything.  I also like that it has lots of pockets for optimal organization and it has no unfinished edges.
It has side pockets for a bottle of water or two.
This  zippered piece was supposed to be attached to the inside middle to act as a divider. But I really didn't want a divider right down the center so I just  finished it off and I can toss patterns in there that I need to buy supplies for and they won't get all smushed. This is going to be perfect for quilt shop hopping and quilt shows.


Bag Update

I may have prejudged the professional bag unjustly.  I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the 14 pages of directions, but I am finding it to be very easy to follow. The directions are very clear and the diagrams are ever so helpful.  I got to the point where it says to 'set aside and admire'  so that's exactly what I did.  Now I am ready to take on the lining.

Yes, that's Lucy's head in jumping into the shot, but sorry Lucy, you can't steal the show in every post.


What have I gotten myself into?

When I was up in Fargo I came across a tote at the quilt shop that was done up for a sample and I thought it would be perfect for all my shopping needs.  It's called the Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble, but wouldn't you know it, they were all out of the patterns, so I put in my order and it arrived in a couple of days. Little did I know there would be 16 pages to the pattern.  Fourteen are instructions and two pages are labels that you attach to the fabric as you cut.There are 36 labels in all. I have been putting it off as it just seems so overwhelming, but today I decided it isn't going to get done by itself so I might just as well bite the bullet and dive in.

Here are my 32 pattern pieces cut.  The floral is the main fabric, the stripe is the contrast fabric and the red is the lining.  JoAnns was out of the heavy interfacing so as soon a I get that I will cut out another 13 pieces and I can start sewing.  Yippie Skippie!

I turn my back for a second ........... Now Lucy, you know you can't be up there.  Is that a look of guilt or what.
But please can't I stay?  I'm so comfy and the floor is so hard.


Spring Fever

Last week end we went to the Mpls Spring Home and Garden Show. We don't go every year, but we do go quite often. Often enough to know it seems like there was less garden related exhibits and more wine and food booths. However I didn't come home empty handed.  I bought a couple of lilies, Miss Lucy and Tiny Puppet, a Hosta called Midwest Magic and a wonderful ratchet pruner so I can keep my 20 + rose bushes under control.
I also bought a couple of dip mixes at an extremely inflated price but I thought if I had an idea of what was in them I could make my own. The two I bought  I didn't think I could easily duplicate, one is a crab and one is a lobster, but if I can find a place where thy sell dried crab and dried lobster, everything else I have in my cupboard,  I think I could whip those up too.