Red Work Snowmen Done at Last

Remember this?  It's the wall hanging that my friends Jeanette, Kathy and I all bought at the same time and decided to work on them together. It's gotten more blog time that anything else I have ever done and it's finally finished so I can move on to posting other things.

I am really pleased with the way it turned out.
This has nothing to to the the wall hanging, I just thought she was so stinkin' cute I had to show somebody. She sleeps like this quite often.


Just spinning my wheels

Sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels and not getting much done so I have to make something small to get a sense of accomplishment. This little fabric postcard is going to a friend as a little thank you card.


Lucy Lucy Lucy

For all you guys that have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember the post "You can't keep a good dog down".  In case you don't you can read about it here.

Well, its months later and she still hasn't given up hope.
I've been asked why I just don't let her go up there so in case you are wondering too here are the reasons.  #1 She is still a puppy and loves to destroy things, #2 It's the one place the cats can feel safe, #3 She loves to dig in the litter box and eat the tasty morsels if she can find any, and lastly , she seems to think it's OK to peddle on the carpet in our bedroom. If only she would put all that effort and energy into doing useful things.


Four and Twenty Black Birds.

They aren't exactly baked in a pie, but this is why I feed the birds with great hesitation. I have visions of flocks of beautiful birds covering my back yard and this is what I get.

This is looking out from my kitchen window.

Not even the great black hunter can scare them away.


The joys of a puppy

I know it hard to believe this cute little face could be such a trouble maker.

She jumped up on a table and took down a wall handing that was waiting to get hung up in my foyer. She evidently didn't like this particular snowman as she tore the face right off.

Luckily it was needle felted on and was a fairly easy repair, but she is back on probation and the gates went back up blocking off the dining/living room.

I swear it was the cat, not me. 



I received gifts from two of my friends this week and I really don't know what I did to deserve them.  The first one is from my friends Susan, between her and her husband, they are two of the most creative and talented people I know.  She came to pick up a table topper that she will be quilting for me and handed me this marvelous  wooden box.

Her husband had made one as part of a gift at a Christmas party for one of the small quilting groups I'm in.  We played a game and someone else ended up with the fabulous hand made box, but I was coveting it like none other. I'm not sure what she did to get her hubby to make another one and I was just so thrilled to get it I didn't asked any questions.
The second gift is from my neighbor and friend Gert.

She said her daughter made them for me, again I don't know why but aren't they cool?  They are potholders and you can put your hand inside the pocket when you use them.  How cool is that?


Red work Snowmen

These red work snow men that I started way back when are one step closer to getting finished.



I've been knitting scarves like crazy.  I made one for myself a while back, then one for my daughter.  Just before Christmas I received an order for one and when I went to buy the yarn it was on sale, so I bought a bunch and have been knitting ever since.  I am going to put a couple in my etsy shop and if they don't sell, well, I guess they will be gifts next Christmas.


My favorite can be seen here.