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My niece called me and had a few quilting questions, then asked if we could get together sometime.  She had asked about making some quick and easy Christmas gifts and had a interest in making tote bags. She called this week and asked if she could come over.  It's a 2 1/2 hour trip so she can't just pop over anytime. I was ecstatic with excitement at the prospect of another quilter in the family. I have two sisters that I have not been able to lure them into the quilting world.  My one sister might recognize a quilt if she saw it and my other sister loves and appreciates the time and love that goes into making them but really does want to make them herself. I had a vision of my niece bringing along a sewing machine and listening to the hum of she sewing and me explaining the importance of a quarter inch seam and such.  Well, let's just say, she had a different vision.  She brought 6 yards of fabric and a dress pattern prevalent to the early 1800's that she needed to make for her job. Lucky for her, I have make a lot of clothes in my time, granted  the last time was back in the 80's but my memory served me well and hopefully I helped her enough for her to make it. The great thing for her is that back then they didn't have zippers and women didn't wear buttons.
Then we moved on to other areas.  I showed her how to make a tote bag.  This one I'm making for my sister, it still need handles. I showed her how to make the box bottom.  You can see how it is done here.

I also showed her how to make quick and easy coasters and potholders.  Find out how here. This one is for coasters, but it's the same idea for potholders just cut the fabric the size of potholder you want.
Since we both have an over abundance of jeans, I thought I would try one out of old blue jeans and some red denim fabric I had left over. I didn't put anything inside since it is five layers of denim. I tried it out just to make sure it would work.  I worked just fine for taking baked goods out and setting them on the counter.  I wouldn't  try taking something out of a 500 degree oven and walking across town, but it's fine for what I need.

Joie also wanted to know how to needle felt.

She is a natural

Then she wanted to learn how to do the buttonhole stitch. She is a fast learner and a great student.

It was a tiring day for some, but a great time was had by all.

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