One down and I don't know how many to go

At our local guild meeting each month someone demos a quilt block and this year they are featuring a row quilt. Well, as usual, I'm behind. Everyone else is in the third row and I am just starting, so in my quest to catch up, I've started with this month and I am going to work backwards. This if my first block and only 5 more blocks to go for this row. I haven't even checked out to see how many blocks are in the first two rows, but this block looked like the easiest, so I thought I would start there, so not to get discouraged.


Judy S. said...

This is a really pretty block, Cindy! I love the colors. If the rest of the blocks are as nice as this one, you will have a lovely quilt. Remember, the turtle won the race. ;>)

quiltcrazygal said...

One of my favorite blocks:) Can't wait to see the rest;) Your friend, Jenna Louise